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Select Auto-Renew and Save
« on: October 16, 2008, 12:39:19 PM »
Take the hassle out of renewing your IceTV Account by selecting the option "auto-renew" in your My Account settings on our website so that you not only save money on future IceTV subscriptions, but you also guarantee you dont lose any guide data or series & remote recording settings in the process.

By selecting automatic renewal you can now save you up to $24 a year! Simply turn on the auto renewal check box on the Personal Details tab of My Account to receive a discount when your account renews and help ensure that you dont miss any of your favourite shows on TV.

Here are the different renewal subscriptions available:

Renew monthly for $11 (normally $13 for a 1 month Subscription) - save $24 a year.
Renew every 3 months for $29 (normally $33 for a 3 month Subscription) - save $16 a year.
Renew yearly for $89 (normally $99 for a 12 month Subscription) - save over 10%.

If you already have auto-renewal turned on, then you dont have to do anything. You will automatically receive the discounted prices the next time your account renews.

It's our way of giving back a little and saying thanks for being a loyal IceTV Subscriber.


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