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New feature: Copy SD shows to HD channels
« on: July 10, 2007, 08:20:46 AM »

Normally the guides for High Definition (HD) channels only contain shows marked as being in HD, and a blank spot is left for Standard Definition (SD) shows.  This is because broadcasters sometimes show the SD show on the HD channel, and sometimes they don't.  To be safe, we've only included the HD shows so you don't record an hour of a broadcaster's logo or a demo loop.

But now you have another option.  On the My Account page, you'll now find a checkbox called "Copy SD shows to HD channels".  When enabled, this feature copies all SD shows to the corresponding HD channels, so that the guide for the HD channels contain all shows, whether they're in HD or not.  Also, the HD indicator on a show (if your PVR supports it) will only appear in the guide for the HD channel.

Hopefully this will give you the option of having the guide how you want it.  Just remember though, we can't guarantee that SD shows on HD channels will actually be broadcast.  Please use this feature at your own risk.


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