Author Topic: Widget issue: Not working 31-7-06... New versions are out.  (Read 12765 times)

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Widget Not working - Thursday bulletin.
« Reply #15 on: August 03, 2006, 08:48:57 AM »
We believe the widget problems are fixed, however the auto-update feature is apparently not working in some previous versions of the widget, so please download the new versions from here:

The latest and fully functioning version numbers are:
IceTV widget 1.22 for Windows (Yahoo! Widget Engine)
IceTV widget 1.24 for Mac OS X 10.4 (Dashboard)
IceTV widget 1.23 for Mac OS X (Yahoo! Widget Engine)

Again, apologies for the inconvenienece.  I know it's no consolation, but imagine what happens at our normally peacefull office when 10,000 customers all have the same problem at once ...  :'(

Peter Vogel

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