Author Topic: Weird happenings with the Widget  (Read 2645 times)

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Weird happenings with the Widget
« on: September 29, 2010, 02:20:08 PM »
I won't even mention the anomalies with the channel names (been mentioned elsewhere) but something weird's is happening every time I boot up (well for the last couple of days)

On both days, the Widget didn't open with Windows.  I then go to open it manually and get:

Could not open Widget C:\Users\Judy\Documents\My Widgets\IceTV.widget.  It either isn't a Widget or you don't have access to that file. ﴾StartWidgetProcess: Unable to  locate .kon file﴿

Yesterday, once I closed that message, it opened anyway!  ;D

Today, I got the message, during the boot up, closing it didn't open the widget, but was able to open it manually, without the error message showing again.

Has anyone any idea what this means?  I am on a Vista machine, btw
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