Author Topic: Possibility to provide Episode Numbering Format documentation to Mediaportal  (Read 2708 times)

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I have offered a suggestion to the MediaPortal team to provide additional info in the OSD screens as well as Series Recordings. The info is in the XML file so there is no reason why WMC can display it but MediaPortal doesn't and it is a useful information.

A member of the development team mm1352000 has asked me the following "first thing that would have to happen is to add support for the "icetv" episode numbering format. Can't do anything without that. Do you have any documentation about the format? At first glance it doesn't look like a straight <season #>-<episode #> format." 

Is ICETV able to provide that documentation or is that not able to be disclosed to anyone. If you are able to help Mediaportal users will be very grateful.

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I second that.... Anything that would improve MediaPortal service is a good step forward....

Cheers Michael

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Hi Denny,

Firstly Series Recording details are not shown in the standard XMLTV guide feed that is available to Media Portal.

As for the episode numbering, we include two different options depending on what is available at time. For all shows the "icetv" numbering scheme will be used which is the internal IceTV values for:

"series_id - episode_id"

Where available we also include the standard "xmltv_ns" episode numbering scheme using the format:

"series number.episode number.part number/number of parts"

and as per xmltv_ns episode numbering format these are zero based.


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