Author Topic: help with webget and xml data setup  (Read 2245 times)

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help with webget and xml data setup
« on: November 23, 2014, 07:31:39 PM »
Hey all am using argus tv which uses xml data I need help getting webget going my webget is located in "D:\everything else\webget" and I want to output the xml to "C:\ProgramData\ARGUS TV\XMLTV\icetv.xml". I was going to make a batch filr and run it from a scheduled task, Is that the correct way to do it? I would like to run it twice a day to make sure of no guide changes Is this nessacary? I am a bit lost and help is much appreciated. I assume I would need to cd to the directory webget is in before running any commands but when I try to cd to the directory in cmd the directory does not change any ideas ? Is there a gui program I could use that would be easier to use? Thanks in advance cheers.

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Re: help with webget and xml data setup
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2014, 09:38:11 PM »
Hi (Malcom?)

You are going to need a batch file so you may as well start with that. If you want to test a batch file (for troubleshooting when it's not working) you can run the batch file from a command window to see any error messages.

The Batch File

Here's a working batch file for you with your folder paths already specified. You just need to enter your IceTV username and password in the appropriate places while following these steps:

1. Copy and paste the following line of code into a new text file:

Code: [Select]
webget.exe "" -u yourusername -p yourpassword -o "C:\ProgramData\ARGUS TV\XMLTV\icetv.xml"

2. Edit the line of code to replace yourusername with your IceTV username (aka Member ID).

3. Edit the line of code to replace yourpassword with your IceTV password.

4. Save the file as webget.bat  (not webget.bat.txt).  You might need to select "All files" when saving the file to make sure it is not saved with a (possibly hidden) .txt file extension.

5. Copy and paste the webget.bat file into the same folder as webget.exe (i.e. "D:\everything else\webget\").

6. You can then create a shortcut of "D:\everything else\webget\webget.bat" and place that shortcut anywhere on the computer and run it from there.


If the batch file does not work then copy and paste the following line of code into a command window to see why it's not working. The command window will stay open and display any error messages.

Code: [Select]
"D:\everything else\webget\webget.bat"

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