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XBox360 & IceTV Guide
« on: August 14, 2006, 10:05:16 AM »
Thought I'd mention as a note to you all - if you setup a xbox 360 as an extender with your MCE setup - it will do the usual thing, in changing or reseting the MCE identifier - and hence IceTV will not know that your a valid customer. Its just a simple run of the icetv configuration, enter your userid and password, go and get the guide - and all is fine...

But a cautionary tale - just so you dont forget and find your guide has run out accidentily (I found it before it was too late - phew!)

(And I have to say - I was hesitant in getting a xbox 360 - but wow... just damn impressive and as an extender - I am amazed how good it all works!!! Just got to find time to watch tv and check out xbox live some more!!!!)

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Re: XBox360 & IceTV Guide
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2006, 04:16:00 PM »

Welcome to the 360 extender family... I've had mine doing that duty since Jan '06, and Media Center is the "game" that is run the most on the console. In fact it is the main TV device - there is no coax aerial lead anywhere near my main television, just an ethernet cable.

Microsoft got the 360 extender running beautifully, and my family has been loving it since purchase. Now I have to just push them (my family) off it so I can actually play a game once in a while.

Two things I recommend you check out:
1. WinAVI Video Converter from
This will take almost any AVI, MPEG, VCD/SVCD/DVD, DivX/XVid, ASF, WMV, RM, MOV, SWF and convert into DVD, AVI, WMV etc. I use it to convert non WMV files into WMV files for playback on my 360 Extender. you won't get 5.1 audio with this, but it's great for -ahem- shows you may get elsewhere.

2. TMPGEnc Express to convert DVD's to WMV including 5.1 audio (Xbox 360 converts WMA 5.1 to DD 5.1 on the fly over TOSlink)... my guide to do that is here:

Update: To get TMPGEnc Express go to - a new version 4.0 has just been released with HD support - I'll test this out when I can.

Oh - to keep on topic - the other option to keep your machine ID current is to use the "Reset Media Center ID" option in PIMP - hit "Fix Now" to do it straight away.

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Re: XBox360 & IceTV Guide
« Reply #2 on: August 16, 2006, 02:48:06 PM »
Hey guys - I have to agree.... the XBox 360 is sensational as an extender. I can't run ethernet cable here but have got a Belkin wireless A+G router with the Xbox 360 exclusively using 802.11a and it is easily streaming HD TV from the study to the lounge..... with no stutters at all.   I can't remember the last time I played a game on the 360, but it is sure earning its keep as an extender!

Thanks also for the AVI to DVD tips... I"m about to give them a test drive.....



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