Author Topic: The matching channel was found, but there was no program in the MCE guide at tha  (Read 4196 times)

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I am getting the following error on Windows XP MCE 2005:

"The matching channel was found, but there was no program in the MCE guide at that time."

I've checked I have the right version of IceTVInteractive.  Any ideas? 

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Sometimes a “Record” task can get corrupted when it's cached on the hard drive. If this happens it is necessary to clear out all the cached tasks.

To do this:

  • Close the IceTV Interactive application (right click on the icon in the system tray and select “Exit”).
  • Open “My Computer”.
  • Select your hard drive from the list of drives available.
  • Double click on the “Documents and Settings” folder.
  • Double click on the folder for you username in Windows.
  • Double click on the “Application Data” folder, If you do not see this folder you will need to turn on the showing of hidden files, follow these steps to do this:
    • Select “Folder Options” from the “Tools” menu.
    • Click on the “View” tab.
    • Place a dot in the box marked “Show hidden files and folders”.
    • Click “OK”.
    • You should now be able to see the “Application Data” folder.
  • Double click on the “IceTV” folder, then on the “IceTV Interactive” folder, and then on the “tasks” folder.
  • Delete everything in the “tasks” folder.

Once complete you can re-open the IceTV Interactive client from the Start Menu. It will automatically re-cache all the tasks and download any new tasks from the server.

The good news is that we have found the condition that causes this and a fix will be in the next version of IceTV Interactive.


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This helped me just now fix Vista MCE not recording... Pretty easy to find anyway with these instructions but I thought it worth highlighting in Vista the directory to look for is C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\IceTV\IceTV Interactive

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