Author Topic: Removing Vista Legacy After Upgrade - FIXED!!!  (Read 1898 times)

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Removing Vista Legacy After Upgrade - FIXED!!!
« on: November 02, 2009, 04:11:58 PM »
I continue to have problems with remote scheduling. Some shows appear as failed on the interactive website but still record. Others fail completely. Shows set locally on PC to record work but do not appear on the interactive website.....

I DO see the -icetv channels and have mapped them all to the scanned channels. I know I'm using the icetv data through various testing (e.g. toggling the "MOVIE" prefix).

There are numerous error messages which appear in the interactive software (beta software) including: 'Failed to load scheduled tasks'; and in the log: "There's no channel mapping to ....Channel 70 etc" (But there definitely IS an -icetv channel mapped to Channel 70). When I use the "Edit Channels" function in Media Centre, all active channels have -icetv behind the channel names.

The Accounts page (on icetv website) also does NOT update the latest EPG Fetch dates....anyone else having this problem? I'm definitely getting new data every day.


I suspect parts of my problems relate to a Vista hangover. After upgrading to Windows 7 I did not uninstall the old icetv app before applying the beta (my bad!).

After checking the registry, I found that old Vista settings (e.g. user name, password, padding preference, etc) remained and was blocking the -icetv channels. After I deleted these entries, channel mapping was a breeze.

Could there be any further Vista history (particularly in the registry) which could be causing problems? What is the best way to find out?

Also, does anyone else have any data in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft\ehome\EPG folder.....? I have several files/folders in here which do not appear to relate to Win 7 and or icetv beta....(probably Vista legacy again). I only have the beta data in the C:\Program Data\icetv folder.

Would anyone with a working setup be willing to post screenshot/listing of files in these folders:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft\ehome\EPG
C:\Program Files\IceTV
C:\Program Data\IceTV

Also, screenshots of registry entries (after searching for icetv) would be extremely helpful....but a big ask
Any help on cleaning out Vista history would be much appreciated.

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Re: Removing Vista Legacy After Upgrade - FIXED
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2009, 11:51:43 AM »
Uninstalled icetv beta

Deleted everything on PC which related to IceTv including registry entries

Stopped MC services and processes....deleted all content in all ehome program data/appdata folders including all MC databases (i.e. ALL folders and ALL files).


Tuned TV channels BEFORE installing IceTV beta again.


Installed IceTV beta....downloaded EPG


Now opened MC and all channels had mapped properly.

Remote scheduling working both ways....Finally

Lots of self inflicted pain from not removing Vista icetv app before installing w7 beta....hopefully this can help others who make the same mistake.

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