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IceTV Interactive version Beta 2 available
« on: July 09, 2008, 03:57:02 PM »
The next version of IceTV Interactive is ready for beta testing.

This will bring the version up to Beta 2 and includes a lot of bug fixes and optimizations. Both Windows XP MCE2005 and Windows Vista versions are attached to this post.

If you would like to help us test these new versions before they are released please download them below, and definitely respond in this thread with any feedback that you have on these new versions (and don't forget to include whether you are testing the XP or Vista version when posting feedback).

The change list for Beta 2 is:

   * Changed several functions that process task files to avoid high CPU usage.
   * Added extra check of clientid for a blank value before using it.

The change list for Beta 1 is:

    * Removed sending of filenames from Video directory to IceTV server.
    * Changed server URL to help with load balancing.*

* If you have a firewall rule setup for, you will now need one for

This also includes all fixes for version which are:

    * Removed splash screen on startup.
    * Restored missing DVB Fix checkbox on Windows XP.
    * Reduced unnecessary connections to the server when an invalid username or password is entered.
    * Better handling of locked .exe and .dll files during installation. Added a note to close the old program first, and automatic file replacement after reboot if files are locked.
    * Added a desktop icon pointing to "IceTV Interactive.exe".
    * Retry launching IceGuide4MCE.exe when it fails.
    * Better handling of corrupted messages from the server.
    * Better handling of old .bin files.

These can be installed over the top of existing installations and it will carry the settings over.

Removed attachments as this version has now been published
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Re: IceTV Interactive version Beta 2 available
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2008, 01:55:23 AM »
I was using version 16 on my Vista x64 PC and VMC was not updating the schedules correctly. So I installed this version which did not fix the issue and now if I double click the task or select open it crashes with the program has stopped responding error. So it looks like I am back to 16 until this can be fixed. I have 8 GB ram with a Q9450 CPU and Vista Ultimate x64 SP1 and use a TinyTwin USB dual tuner. Not sure if I can assist with some form of logs etc but happy to assist you sort this out.

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