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Puppy Bug
« on: December 11, 2006, 10:21:00 AM »
Todays guide data is missing.
Have deleted data from Toppy and did manual d/l with no joy!

From syslog

Dec 11 09:06:41 (none) /usr/bin/ice_guide_daemon[733]:          retrieveEPG: Retrieving Data( --header 'User-Agent: ICEBOX2-200608301537'
Dec 11 09:06:45 (none) /usr/bin/ice_guide_daemon[733]:        splitDataFile: FILE: 20061211_20061210230551_EPG_CACHE
Dec 11 09:06:45 (none) kern.warn /usr/bin/ice_guide_daemon[733]:        splitDataFile: PUPPY BUG FOUND!! padding file(/tmp/ice/20061211_20061210230551_EPG_CACHE)
Dec 11 09:06:46 (none) /usr/bin/ice_guide_daemon[733]:        splitDataFile: FILE: 20061212_20061210230551_EPG_CACHE
Dec 11 09:06:47 (none) /usr/bin/ice_guide_daemon[733]:        splitDataFile: FILE: 20061213_20061210230551_EPG_CACHE
Dec 11 09:06:48 (none) /usr/bin/ice_guide_daemon[733]:        splitDataFile: FILE: 20061214_20061210230551_EPG_CACHE
Dec 11 09:06:48 (none) /usr/bin/ice_guide_daemon[733]:        splitDataFile: FILE: 20061215_20061210230551_EPG_CACHE
Dec 11 09:06:49 (none) /usr/bin/ice_guide_daemon[733]:        splitDataFile: FILE: 20061216_20061210230551_EPG_CACHE
Dec 11 09:06:50 (none) /usr/bin/ice_guide_daemon[733]:        splitDataFile: FILE: 20061217_20061210230551_EPG_CACHE
Dec 11 09:06:51 (none) /usr/bin/ice_guide_daemon[733]:        splitDataFile: FILE: 20061218_20061210230551_EPG_CACHE
Dec 11 09:06:52 (none) /usr/bin/ice_guide_daemon[733]:        splitDataFile: FILE: map.ini
Dec 11 09:06:52 (none) /usr/bin/ice_guide_daemon[733]:

Can't find any reference to PUPPY BUG here or Toppy Forum.
Toppy support guy is off work sick.

Anyone help?

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Re: Puppy Bug - NOT
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2006, 12:38:55 PM »
The log is lying and misleading you.

The ice_guide_daemon is aware of a Toppy USB protocol implementation bug and tries to work around it by appending a NUL byte to the end of the file being uploaded.

This workaround has not been necessary for a long time, since puppy can detect the condition and will adjust the size of the USB packets so that the Toppy firmware bug is not triggered. IceTV must have left the unnecessary code in their ice_guide_daemon.

I suspect that the problem may be related to empty or truncated data files that you download from IceTV. Tech support should be able to figure that out, but you can start at your end by making sure that there are no caches or proxies serving you stale data.

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Re: Puppy Bug
« Reply #2 on: December 11, 2006, 01:52:15 PM »
Thanks Peter

Will wait for call back from support.
Only started today with today's data which had previously been all right, so may be OK from the morrow....


Data repaired on server, all now OK
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