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Padding and manually changing timers
« on: January 11, 2008, 01:45:03 AM »
Just picked up a new 5000 MP, and am slowly starting to learn how to use it. I've installed the ICE TAP while I wait for my Icebox2 to arrive  (waiting, waiting...). Anyway, we seem to have had a problem tonight:

Before I went out, I had been figiting with the settings of the TAP, and not knowing what it did, set the padding to 15min. Now, the MRS went in and set a couple of timers in the EPG, and then manually adjusted the recording times, to start a few minutes early, and run about 10min long.

Now, these programs didn't end up recording!

So, the questions are;
  • Does the Ice TAP with auro padding set, not play friendly with manually adjusting timers?
  • How is the padding applied (the setup guides don't say. If I set 15min, is that only 15min at the end, or is it 15min at start and the end, 5 min at start 10 at end etc...


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