Author Topic: Linking TF7000HDPVRt to home wireless internet network  (Read 2179 times)

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Linking TF7000HDPVRt to home wireless internet network
« on: October 25, 2009, 12:49:19 AM »
Is there a way to link up a wireless router to a TF7000HDPVRt so it can receive info wirelessly or is the software/hardwae not up to it?

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Re: Linking TF7000HDPVRt to home wireless internet network
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2009, 10:06:49 AM »
The reason I jumped to Beyonwiz rather than upgrade my 5K when the 7000 first came out is that the 5K has a slave USB port, which can be used to transfer via a PC (or in the case of the work PeterU has done, SLUG/NSLU2 or ICEBOX), but the 7K had no LAN connections and required sneaker-net for the host USB port.    Not to mention the huge reams of bugs it had (and still has), no TAPs etc.    The Beyonwiz is what the Topfield should have been, right from the start (LAN, network streaming etc).   The 7100 is a small jump to the 7K and finally provides network connectivity, but still has many of the issues of the 7K, the 2400 is finally starting to look like a worthy Toppy again.

Short answer: No.

Beyonwiz DP-S1 & Topfield 5K (using PerlTGD to upload ICE EPG/timers for the 5K, normal ICE interactive for the Wiz).

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