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IceBox2 problem
« on: August 22, 2008, 07:35:37 PM »
My IceBox 2 and Topfield Masterpiece have been wokring happily together for a couple of years.

But now, the IceBox cannot maintain the USB connection to the Toppy.
After a restart of the IceBox, the connection is found but then dropped after a few seconds.
Same thing if I use the second USB port on the IceBox

I can manually update the EPG using the same cable to the Toppy and my laptop.

So does this mean that the IceBox is effectively dead?
If so, is there any other solution for automatically loading the program guide each day?
I gather the IceBox is no longer sold...



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Re: IceBox2 problem
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2008, 03:33:08 PM »
So does this mean that the IceBox is effectively dead?

Hi Neil,

It certainly sounds like an issue with the IceBox2.

If you have tested both ports and also confirmed that the Topfield's end is working by connecting it to a PC then you should get it sent back in to us for testing and evaluation.

The address to send to is:

IceTV Pty Ltd
ATT: Daniel
P.O. Box 698
Crows Nest NSW 1585

And please include a note with your username, contact details and return address along with the problem to help with a speedy response. there any other solution for automatically loading the program guide each day?

The only other option would be to have the Topfield permanently connected to your PC via USB, but this obviously may not be pratical for your setup.

I gather the IceBox is no longer sold...

This is correct. Unfortunately we no longer sell the IceBox2 Wireless Access Bridge for Topfield TF5000 PVR devices due to Asus (the manufacturer of this device) discontinuing this product line and not offering any replacement models.

Many new PVR's being produced are coming with wired and wireless options and of course are High Definition also, meaning the demand to support these older SD PVR's is also decreasing. For example the Beyonwiz range and the new Topfield TF7100HDPVRt. With these new PVR's, you can also remotely set individual episodes or the entire series of your favourite TV shows to record via our website, custom mobile phone site and more with IceTV Interactive. Go to to find out more.

At this point in time we have been unable to find something suitable to replace the IceBox2.


General Manager
IceTV Pty
1300 654 803

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