Author Topic: daily updates - but only powering on icebox2 at certain time of day?  (Read 2915 times)

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Hi Guys,
I'm trying to save power and not run the icebox2 all day everyday when in fact I only need it on for a short time each day while it does the update.

I have set the digital timer that controls the icebox2 only to come on at 8.55pm and turn of at 9.10pm.
I have set the icebox2 to update at 9pm.

It should work...but (isn't there always a but?), I find that quite often the guide goes haywire showing me the guide for the wrong time of the day (it looks like the guide actually corrupts??).
Doing a manual update from the icebox2's admin screen always fixes it up but can anyone explain why it might do this? Yes, I know I could run both the icebox2 and Toppy all day every day and that probably would fix the problem but it doesn't bring my power usage down.
The toppy is a TF5000PVRT MP for reference. No taps other than icetv loader are loaded on this box.

Any help most appreciated...

 - michigan_frog

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Re: daily updates - but only powering on icebox2 at certain time of day?
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2007, 02:38:00 PM »
If you leave the IceBox2 on 24x7 it will use less than 30kWh per year. That's less than 25kg of greenhouse gases per year. I don't know how many black balloons that makes or whether the $4.50 a year is a big enough hit for you, but I think there are probably easier ways of making a bigger difference.

I know many people say that every little bit counts, but I would go for the easy wins first. For example, rather than boiling a whole kettle to make a cup, just put the water in a cup and microwave it. The amount of energy you save on just one cup of hot water will be enough to power your IceBox2 for about two days. 30 seconds less in the shower will keep your IceBox2 going for about two and a half weeks!

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