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LCN channels not appearing
« on: March 05, 2009, 08:52:37 AM »
Last night I decided to do a full factory reset and to rescan my channels to make sure they were right for One HD thats coming in soon.
So i went through the usual steps and it all went smoothly. When it came to setting up IceTV though when i checked the Topfield this morning it appears that only ABC 1 is the only channel in the LCN settings under the Icetv option
Is this going to cause me a problem? all the channels are fine on the unit just not on the LCN settings.
I'm using the latest firmware thats on the topfield website from 2009-01-12.
It was working fine previously

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Re: LCN channels not appearing
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2009, 12:09:26 PM »
By any chance are you in VIC?
If so here is a post from Ice Support in a couple of threads down from yours.

I just checked and it looks like your in Melbourne, this would then make sense, the Melbourne region used to have all the regional LCN's listed in the guide feed, now that VIC Regional is available this is no longer required and they have been removed, and also Ten HD is not available twice so that has removed one of the remaining options being Ten HD. So there is now only one channel left that is available on multiple LCN's, this being ABC1.

As for recordings, if you reset the Topfield to defaults and entered your details again this will not automatically send down the timers again, but we do have a facility to do this, from the My Account section of the IceTV website select "Interactive" on the left hand side and then in the devices section there is an option to "Re-send all recordings", once done all of the recordings on the website will be marked to be re-send during the next update.

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