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Wrong shows being recorded
« on: September 03, 2012, 11:02:33 PM »
For some reason, it has decided to record every episode of Fringe this week.  I do have that marked as a favorite, but not to record.  Interestingly, (and annoyingly, as I have to cancel them one at a time) all the recordings are set as single recordings, not as a series.

I spent about an hour on my laptop (a couple of hours ago) painfully cancelling them all (it would probably be easier just to let it record, but a couple actually clashed with something I did want to record)   I say painfully, because the server is soooooo sloooooow, that it takes ages to cancel each one, in fact it has timed out several times during the exercise.  Then I just had a look at MC on my main PC and they were still set to record.  I was sure that I have given it long enough time to upload.  So, I opened IceTV again and sure enough, they were all back!!   ::)   :o

I have no idea what makes them generate - besides the fact that I don't have it set to record, some of the ones set to record are repeats, and I never record repeats.  The shows that I have set to record are first run only.  Incidentally, one of the Fringe shows was conflicting with NCIS, which I do want to record.  There was an exclamation mark next the NCIS, which I presumed was because of the conflict with Fringe, but when I opened it up, turned out it is a repeat, so that shouldn't record either, so no idea what the exclamation mark was about.

Grrrrrr   >:(

P.S.  Well, I just noticed that Fringe had started recording just now.  >:(  So, I opened the Interactive page again, and some, but not all the ones I deleted had re-set themselves again.  I am certainly not going to sit there for half an hour deleting them again.  I will just let them record, and record the show itself.  Pretty annoying though, especially with the page being so slow.
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