Author Topic: Series recording set up on HTPC show as single recordings in Remote  (Read 4281 times)

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I have a number of series recordings setup on my HTPC. When I look at the Guide or Scheduled the shows are marked as set to record, but they don't show up in the Series page. Similarly in I Watch This, they are marked as single recording only.

Is there something I need to configure to get series recordings showing in Remote, or is this broken?

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Re: Series recording set up on HTPC show as single recordings in Remote
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2008, 09:41:39 AM »
That is correct actually.

Series information only stays on the device it was setup on. Otherwise you would have both IceTV Remote and you Media Center both scheduling new episodes and this could cause conflicts.

It's the same if you setup a series recording via the website it will send down single recordings to Media Center for each episode that matches the series.


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Well that's good to know.  It explains a lot of what I saw as odd behaviour.   :)

Instead of having to remember where I set up a series recording is there anyway to remove all scheduled recordings and start over?  If I get one more episode of Ready Steady Cook I think I'll scream.  :D

I'll just use a single scheduling tool consistently from then on.


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