Author Topic: Series recording, all channels - feature request (HD vs. SD simulcasts)  (Read 3219 times)

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Currently, if I select "All channels" for a series recording, it will literally record all instances of a show on every channel, even when the show is being simulcast on the HD and SD channels of the same station.

Could this feature be extended please, something along the following lines:

1. Allow the option to restrict the timers generated to one or the other when there is a simulcast - the user should be able to select either HD or SD (I would normally only want the HD, but for some older shows would prefer the SD to save disk space)

2. Allow the option to expand the "simulcast" detection by a user defined period (e.g. 1 hour) so that the above feature will come into effect when a show is on a staggered broadcast across a station's various channels (e.g. during the week Channel Ten News is on at 5:00pm on the SD channel, but 5:30 on the HD channel).

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I would like to second this recommendation.  The ability to assign priority to either HD or SD for simulcast programs would be great!  :)

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