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Undercover Boss Australia on Ten on Monday night at 8.30pm is not showing as a series in the Win7 version of the IceTV guide - can you get it updated so I can capture the series

The IceTV www site version of the guide does show it as a series howver

How do these inconsistencies happen between versions of the guide?

Lost Gardens on ABC1 Thursday at 6-7pm should be marked as a series
The IceTV descriptions describes it as a series but it's not tagged as such in the Win7 IceTV guide
Can we get it marked as a series please

Rivers with Rhys Griff Jones on ABC1 and ABC HD on Tuesday nights at 8.30pm is not showing as a series - yet it is.
Can the future entries for this show be tagged as a series?

Dog the Bounty Hunter is a series on GO - but it's not marked as series in the Win7 version of the guide for Sydney. It's coming up on 3 and 4 February

Is there a specific time each day that the guide update gets released by IceTV?
or if not a specific time what's the approx range?

I'm sure this has been asked before but I tried searching for an answer but couldn't locate anything...

Windows Vista Media Center / What has changed in IceTV Version
« on: January 19, 2010, 09:28:08 PM »
Is there any chance of posting what has changed in version

Whats fixed? - hopefully pre and post padding - and the issues with series recording settings

It would sure be nice to know what to expect from it

Using the Win7 version of the Guide
Beachcomber Cottage - showing on ABC1 and ABC HD on Tuesdays at 6pm is not showing as a series - however it is
Can you change the guide lisitng to reflect this please

Fixed on the guide update of 29 December

The Win7 version of the guide has The Worst Christmas of My Life marked as a single episode however it's part of a series - as per the programme description. It may be that the series is actually The Worst Week of My Life however the Ice programme description does suggest it's a series
This programme is scheduled for 1 Jan at 10.10pm on ABC1

IceTV EPG Content / Green Acres on Go - incorrect scheduling in Win7 Guide
« on: December 20, 2009, 05:42:22 PM »
I've got Green Acres set to record but it seems the guide is out of whack - all I got yesterday was the Nanny and today it's Wipeout
I'm using the Win7 version of the guide

Anyone got any ideas when Green Acres is actually on? - whenever it is it is not when the current IceTV guide has it on

I just accepted the latest update for Win7 interactive and installed it and now I am seeing lots of errors in the log file - plus I can't initiate a guide update manually anymore (the option is greyed out)
See attached screen shots for details of the errors being reported

Using the Win7 Interactive guide
A History of Scotland which is on SBS @ 7.30pm on Sunday nights is not flagged as a Series - can you amend as it is on this week and next (and possibly other occassions as well)

On IceTV Win7 version of the guide:

Just wondering if Escape to the Country should have entries at 9.30pm and then a repeat showing at 10.30pm (ie straight after it)?

another guide has Fight for Life on at 10.30pm...

Windows Vista Media Center / [Solved] Search may have an issue...
« on: November 14, 2009, 07:12:05 AM »
I've got two Windows Media Centers (one Vista and one Win7) - on the Win 7 one running the RC for Interactive when I try using Search and look for "Japan" nothing is found, on the Vista one it finds Japanese News (which I'd expect)
Is there a known issue with Search that would be impacting this?

A Seaside Parish screening at 4.30pm ABC on Tues 17 Nov should be tagged as a series

River Cottage Autumn on ABC1 on Wednesdays at 6pm is actually a series - but the IceTV guide lists it only as single episodes - can that be changed please?
I'm in Sydney and using Win7 Media Center

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