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Topfield / Icebox 2 daily problem
« on: October 20, 2006, 09:59:48 PM »
Hey all,

Im a new topfield owner and as of about a week ago, icebox2 owner.

I have the icebox working well.

But there is a problem. I notice that every day when I get home from work I am unable to connect to my icebox via wireless. I know my wireless is working fine as I can connect other devices to it. This has happened every day without fail.

If I unplug the power to the Icebox and then plug it back in so it can restart, it will connect fine.

If I check the logs, it would appear that at some stage every day the Icebox is having a problem and losing the time and restarting.

Anyone have any ideas on this one? Perhaps I have a faulty Icebox2 that is restarting at will, causing the wireless to stop working, and losing its time information when it does.

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