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What about social interaction on a second screen while watching a TV show? Do you find you check email or message on Facebook during a show? Do you multi-task?

Hi Peter, thanks for your feedback. It's really valuable to us to have all opinions and to understand the potential value of what we are offering and the audience that would most use it.

Thanks again,

General Discussion / What do you think of the name Impulse Screen?
« on: February 03, 2014, 02:23:32 PM »
When I first heard of the app called "Impulse Screen" I thought that "Impulse" implied "Impulse Shopping" and therefore may have a slight negative sound to it, with impulse shopping sometimes frowned upon.

After a while it didn't bother me anymore as I thought shopping on impulse wasn't a negative thing as I was on the pulse and getting the best deal in real-time, thereby satisfying my impulses for great shopping.

What do you think of the name "Impulse Screen"?

Thanks for your contributions.

Search did come up a few times in the survey that we conducted, with users of IceTV searching on a second screen looking for content related to a show - such as information on an actor or about a movie.

Do you think it's a better experience to search for information yourself (say on Google), or have information delivered to you that's relevant to the show you're watching and even location based (eg a special offer on movie tickets to a movie at your local cinema that features an actor that is in the show you're watching on TV)?

We asked some IceTV users how they use their mobile or tablet device while watching TV. So far we've had some interesting answers that fall under these main categories:

SEARCH: Looking up information related to the TV show that they're watching (eg information on actors or a movie)
SHOPPING: Buying things or searching for things to buy
SOCIAL: Checking Facebook and social media sites, checking email
ENTERTAINMENT: Watching catch up TV on the device

How do you use a mobile or tablet while watching TV? Do you fall into any of the categories? If so, what is your main activity?

To celebrate Australia Day we are giving IceTV subscribers the chance to Win a 12 month subscription to IceTV by previewing the Impulse Screen App.

Enter the Competition by answering a few questions about how you use your mobile device while watching TV and then downloading the Impulse Screen App.

Click here to enter the competition

Competition closes February 10

Download the Impulse Screen App (free download)



General Discussion / About the Impulse Screen Preview App
« on: January 29, 2014, 11:13:08 AM »
IceTV have partnered with Impulse Screen to offer content and shopping deals related to your favourite television shows.

Impulse Screen aims to deliver a simple, engaging experience via mobile and tablet devices to provide assisted search and discovery, enabling you to buy items and discover content related to the TV show you are watching.

You can download the preview version for Android here:

Or on iOS here:

A simple consumer video introduction is viewable here:

Through the Impulse Screen App you can gain access to over 400 retailers offering in excess of 4 million products through the service.

We are looking for initial feedback on the App and invite you to provide comments and contribute to the development of the Impulse Screen shopping and content offering as it continues to develop.

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