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Hi all,

Just subscribed to IceTV through the current special offer and I've been trying to get the widget working again for me - it worked fine in January during my free trial and on the few occassions I've looked at it since.

I installed the latest version but I'm not having much luck. I can authenticate and it will download the programs but it responds very slowly (if at all), eg if I click the button to choose the display type (ie three/five etc) it won't pop for several seconds. I can't resize the widget but can drag it around. Clicking on a program doesn't seem to do anything, ie the details don't come up.

I've restarted the computer (several times), reinstalled the widget (several times), deleted anything that have "icetv" in it but still no luck?

Any other suggestions?

I'm using a mobile home directory if that makes any difference?


iMac G5, 2.5GB RAM
Mac OS X 10.4.7
Elgato EyeTV for DTT

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