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Media Portal / Help! Guide imports in but the times are all wrong
« on: January 14, 2011, 10:05:33 PM »
Hi, would love to get this working in Media Portal, but having a frustrating time getting the times correct on the guide.
Followed the instructions in the ICE help guide on setting up the guide to download etc. in xmltv, this all works fine.
The tvguide.xml downloads OK, is mapped to the channels fine, imports in, but I can never get it to display things at the right time.  I have my channels and region set to adelaide in the ICETV account settings. I have tried to change the time compensation settings in the xmltv plugin in Media Portal , but can never get things to line up at the correct time.

Can anyone help? I am in Adelaide. I have just signed up for the ICE TV 14 day trial and would like to get this up and running quickly.

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