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IceTV EPG Content / Re: Repeats still coming through as premieres
« on: February 03, 2021, 07:59:07 AM »
Besides the shows already mentioned in this series of posts, also noticed Amazing Race Australia also has repeat showing and try record.

Too much daily manual clean-up required.

IceTV EPG Content / Adam Hills: The Last Leg
« on: November 09, 2020, 03:06:42 PM »
I think the repeat flag for The Last Leg isnt working? I am seeing it multiple times in "My Week" recordings.

Humax / SBS Viceland not recording
« on: April 14, 2020, 07:24:52 PM »
I had to re-scan channels on the Humax on the weekend so it would see the new NineRush channel. As a result I needed to also resend scheduled recordings. It now seems like any recording for SBS Viceland HD is failing; receiving "Invalid Channel Number" although can see channel 31 within the human guide and showing associated details. Also can see the explanation mark against those same shows within the guide on the humax; so the box is definitely receiving details. Additionally SBS Viceland was previously working prior to the re-scan and Nine-Rush is also receiving recordings.

IceTV EPG Content / Chicago Fire
« on: December 02, 2019, 06:26:38 PM »
For the last couple of weeks (Inc 28th Nov) the timing has started nearly 40min prior to the episode actually starting. As result lost part of the episodes.

General Discussions / Re: ABC ME missing
« on: August 13, 2019, 05:36:30 AM »
Things started coming good with EPG showing details by following night.

FYI, one of the programs was looking at was MythBusters junior, a good show and had Adam from original semi hosting.

General Discussions / ABC ME missing
« on: August 11, 2019, 08:47:05 AM »
I noticed that I didn't have tv guide information for ABC ME. I found out within "guide settings" that it was set to disable. I updated to 'all' but still not seeing the channel guide coming through to the box (channel 23 is there) and also not showing in mobile app guide. Any assistance greatly appreciated.

IceTV EPG Content / Seal Team
« on: July 03, 2019, 07:25:09 PM »
According to ad tonight; Seal Team tomorrow night (Thurs) on 10bold is new episode. Currently guide shows repeat

IceTV EPG Content / Re: Adam Hills: The Last Leg Started early?
« on: May 25, 2019, 04:25:53 PM »
Also looks like Episode 2 (Wed 29 @ 10pm) is incorrectly marked as repeat

IceTV EPG Content / Re: How To Get Away With Murder
« on: November 25, 2016, 02:15:38 PM »
Looks like same issue with Monday 28th @ 1pm on 7flix?

Humax / Re: New recordings not being sent?
« on: August 08, 2016, 04:21:34 PM »
Thanks Daniel, great to see fast response. Yes looks like items are being added to Humax schedule.

Humax / Re: New recordings not being sent?
« on: August 08, 2016, 01:38:24 PM »
Exactly, it looks like iceTV is not sending new items to be recorded. So the Humax box is only dealing with items previous sent and sync'd to the schedule. Normally in the past i'd find the Humax box itself had stopped checking for the TV guide, but in this case the guide is being fetched, just no new shows added to the schedule.

It seems I'll have to pay attention to every show and when the iceTV guide shows as empty doughnuts i'll have to manually setup a record. Seems to defeat the purpose of paying for iceTV.

Humax / New recordings not being sent?
« on: August 07, 2016, 09:05:04 PM »
Seems over last couple of days any new recordings do not seem to being sent from ice servers to my humax box. According to website says the humax is being updated, but items are not on schedule nor do they update on website with acknowledgement to be recorded. A reboot of the humax box also does not seem to help

IceTV EPG Content / Big bang
« on: May 15, 2016, 08:47:19 PM »
According to ads, big bang is new epps on nine for Tuesday & Wednesday this week; so far only showing Wednesday as new

General Discussions / Re: New 7HD programming
« on: May 12, 2016, 11:22:00 AM »
I really wish they didn't change the output for channel 70 in Sydney; its really screwed things up for me.

Basically I've been using 70 as my main channel 7 station for quite a while now; this is because then it was to line up with it being future HD channel. Intention was to stay on 70 now as SD and when in future it change to HD still using the same channel and no real changes for me & family. But now having it revert to 7mate has screwed things being recorded and normally selecting 70 for standard 7 channel..... arghhhhh

IceTV EPG Content / Re: IceTV has become very inaccurate!
« on: May 06, 2016, 08:27:14 PM »
Does seem to be the case. Lately having to check and remove items that really are repeats. This is bad enough, but now items not showing as system marks as repeat when it's not.

My example to this is Modern Family; ads on TV say new ep on Sunday @ 7pm, but nothing showing in my queue.

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