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Hi JC,
I have some good news for you, there is a simple way to handle your situation.

When you download the guide for the TF7000HDPVRt you use the following URL

there is a little known feature of our guide download system that allows you to create a feed with a custom channel list instead of using the region in your account.

You can add channels=x,y,z to the URL where x, y & z are the channel numbers.

For Melbourne the IDs are


so to get the guide for Melbourne in the correct format you need to use the URL below,6,93,2405,90,9,36,2417,11,1697,91,2390,7,94,92,10,32,8

For future reference you can get a list of all the channels we have in our guide with the following URL

The output will look like this (truncated for the sake or brevity)

<tv date='' source-info-url='' source-info-name='IceTV Pty. Ltd.' generator-info-name='IceTV Pty. Ltd.' generator-info-url=''>
   <channel id='72'>

When a show that is part of a series recording is removed from the schedule and existing series recordings for that show will be re-evaluated and the show will be deleted from your PVR.

I would be interested in seeing the screenshot you have if possible.

1. Times don't honour my iPhone's 12/24 hour setting.  They are always shown in 12-hour time.

I had a look in the SDK documentation and did some Googling and it seems that apps cannot access that information, we would have to add our our "12/24 Hour" setting in the app.

That's how we keep dementia at bay, at least if you're old like me ;)

I've made this post a "Sticky" and will keep adding to it as new versions are released.

Ask and you shall receive

iPhone App Release Notes

Smart Recording on iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad / iPhone App Release Notes
« on: March 15, 2011, 01:50:10 PM »
Release notes for the 2.X versions of the IceTV iPhone App

  • Fixed crash on start for iOS 3.1.3
  • Fixed missing record buttons on show detail pages on iOS4.3

  • Fixed crash on start for iOS 3.1.3

  • Display programs that are already complete in a different colour to distinguish them from programs that have not ended yet
  • Replaced "Store" with "My Shows" on homepage
  • Removed "My Shows" from Settings
  • Disabled homepage scrolling
  • Added a prompt to "Rate" the application in iTunes
  • Provided a settings option to determine which page the app opens to
  • Added a refresh option to the list pages
  • Added "Any Network" to My Shows list for entries set to record on any network
  • Fixed an issue where the series record icon was incorrect on detail pages of series that match a keyword fav
  • Fixed an issue where  for Keyword Fav + Series recording, matching shows do not display series or keyword buttons
  • Removed "There is less than x days of guide available" message due to user confusion?
  • Fixed an issue where the Up/Down arrows were incorrect after scrolling from 'now' in TV Guide
  • Added app version number to Settings -> Application Information
  • Fixed a bug using a crash when using "Reset Application" or "Deathorise Phone" buttons in Settings page
  • Fixed a bug that prevent the app from using the Retina display optimised application icon on iPhone 4

  • Fixed a bug using a crash when using "Reset Application" or "Deathorise Phone" buttons in Settings page
  • Fixed a bug that prevent the app from using the Retina display optimised application icon on iPhone 4
  • Added access to "Upcoming Episodes" to show detail pages
  • Fixed a bug that caused app to store some data indefinitely
  • Fixed a bug that caused the day list to miss the 7th day
  • Changed Settings->About to Settings->Application Information for consistency
  • Optimised memory usage in list views
  • Fixed an issue causing the TV Guide list view to update while the user is viewing it
  • Fixed issues with settings recording without a "Device 0" on the users' account
  • Fixed issues with keywording recordings scheduled in the app not showing the correct icons
  • Fixed an issue preventing free account users from creating keyword favourites
  • Fixed an issue where background loading of app data could return the user from a detail page to the previous list view prematurely
  • Fixed issues with UI consistency when scheduling recordings that are part of a keyword favourite
  • Fixed an issue causing the app to crash when the "Remove" series button was pressed after first moving to a recording option page

  • Added "Now" mode to the TV Guide
  • Added IMDb, Metacritic & Rotten Tomato search to the show detail pages
  • Added a confirmation dialog for deleting a series
  • Fixed an issue causing the wrong number dialled from Help screen for support
  • Fixed an issue that caused the app to crash when selecting a keyword recording from Settings->My Shows
  • Fixed inconsistent wording on detail page "action" buttons
  • Fixed an issue that caused some favourites not to display title in detail page in Settings->My Shows
  • Removed option to set an 'Episode only' recording from "Most Popular" or "New Shows", replaced with text to say that you can't do 'Episode only' recordings for this show
  • Fixed an issue casing search in "My Week" to not return any rows
  • Fixed an issue that prevented creating a keyword with special characters
  • Fixed an issue with dates not being consistently formatted as 'dd mmm'
  • Fixed ordering of keyword favs/recordings in "My Shows"
  • Fixed a search bug that caused the TV Guide to get stuck on "Yesterday" if a search was active when the TV Guide page was opened
  • Fixed mixed up time bug

  • Changed "Username" to "Member ID" on App Info
  • Fixed issue with store having no navigation bar
  • Changed title on TV Guide from "Guide" to "TV Guide"
  • Changed date format for EPG Expiry to "Sat, Jan 1, 2011"
  • Added support for advanced searches
  • Fixed display of Fav icon in list & detail page for New Shows & Most Popular
  • Fixed typo in support phone number on Help Page
  • Disabled "Low Memory" warning

  • Initial release of all new app with offline access

Smart Recording on iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad / Re: iPhone App V2.6(27)
« on: March 15, 2011, 12:59:10 PM »
Both these issues are on our list for a later update, we intend to continue rolling out updates on a roughly fortnightly schedule, providing no emergencies crop up.

I've started planning the 2.7 update which I'm hoping to submit for review by the end of next week.

2.7 will include as many bug fixes as I can squeeze in as well as a couple of new features, assuming I can get them done in time.

I really appreciate the support we receive from our community and do my best to take your feedback into account, I read through the last 100 reviews on iTunes this morning to see if there are any common threads I need to be aware of and those reviews along with our forum threads directly affected the selection of new features for 2.7

I just received an email from Apple announcing that the 2.6 update has been approved, it may take up to 24 hours to appear in the App Store.

I just received an email from Apple to say that the update is now "In Review", hopefully it will be approved shortly.

The issue with 4.3 is really unexpected and looks to be a bug/change in the way SQLite works on the phone. My gut feeling is that other people will run into issues with it too.

We really appreciate your patience on this issue.

We are aware of the issue with iOS4.3, I submitted an update to Apple on Friday that corrects it, we expect it to hit the store tue/wed based on past updates.

The hardest part with this stuff is not making it work but coming up with a workable UI that doesn't scare people off and a "story" we can present to the consumer that will make them come on board to use it.

I'll ask the boss, don't hold your breath though ;)

In all seriousness our in office moto for this year is "Geek free", we want to try and make our service more "Joe Sixpack friendly", having said that I haven't given up hope. I have a heap of development work on the board for this year, some of it really cool, some not.. If I can squeeze in the GeekyAdvanced features I will.

The problem with timer collisions is something we are well aware of and discuss constantly in the office.

We agree with prl with regards to the "speculative" nature of the scheduled times, be they rounded to the half hour or not.

We have some ideas on "timer collision avoidance" that we would like to explore more fully, at the moment there is no firm timeframe for implementation.

As for the multi-device recording management, this too has been discussed at length here at IceTV HQ, at the moment management feel it is to geeky a feature, I haven't given up on the concept but it will be a tough sell.

Hi Futzle,
Thanks for your feedback, I've added the Fav bug and time setting feature request (currently we just use 12hr time as it is the most common usage) to our bug tracking system.

I can't say if/when they will be actioned as it depends a lot on day to day workload.

As for the schedule delete issue, if you could find a reproducible set of steps we can try then I will add it to the issues list.

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