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Windows Vista Media Center / Re: MCE Recordings
« on: June 09, 2010, 09:00:53 PM »
Near the top of the recorded TV page, there's a control "View Scheduled", or similar, that you can click.

Too late for you now: I think that turning them all into favorites, and then deleting the series, would have worked.  You could then just turn them back to series later.  You'd still have to make sure that all the channels/options are OK, but would save you typing in all the names again.


Windows Vista Media Center / Interactive with Four Tuners
« on: April 17, 2010, 10:35:02 AM »
I'm using four tuners in my Win7 box (two dual tuner cards).  I use IceTV for guide data, however use Win7 to set all my timers.  I've done this because I found Interactive was quite poor at setting the timers.  It would often miss stuff that I'd asked it to record.

I notice that when I look at My Upcoming Shows on the IceTV web page, it lists some of the shows that my Win7 box will record, but not all.  I wonder if this is because IceTV doesn't understand four tuners very well.

Is anyone else out there using four tuners on Win7 and noticed similar issue?

Cheers Tony.  I didn't realise that V was coming, and had wanted to catch the show.

I don't really know how Win7 wakes up for recordings (TV card vs. some other reason).  It just does.  :-)

I'm using Win7 at home with 2x Haupague 2200 tuners.  I used MCE Standby Tool to tweak my sleep settings.  That works fine for me: the PC sleeps (S3) when its not busy, and wakes up to record programs, then goes back to sleep.

Have a look at the XP Media Centre forum.  That's an Australian forum.  The Haupague cards seem to be held in good esteem over there.


My version of Win 7, when setting the recording defaults, it's always in "where possible" mode.  To my knowledge, there's no way to set the Win7 recording defaults to the hard padding (i.e. no "where possible").

I've got best mileage by just using IceTV for EPG data, and use Win7 to schedule my recordings.  I just set a series recording, which by default gives the "where possible" padding, and then manually edit the series settings to change it over to hard padding.

Still, for overlapping episodes, it will use two tuners.  Win7 is pretty dumb in that regard, unfortunately.


Windows Vista Media Center / Re: Interactive - Wake PC to update guide?
« on: February 03, 2010, 10:09:34 PM »
I'd urge caution, given that MS don't publish their API, and having recently suffered problems related to recording padding.  Getting windows to sleep can be tricky at times (though MCE StandbyTool is great).

If you do go for this, please make it an opt-in feature, rather than having the installer tweak Windows settings automatically.

My experience is that the interactive client on the Windows PC will connect and update the recordings automatically.  That way, if you set something to record via your phone, it will make its way to the PC in due time.  I understand that this update mechanism operates every half hour.  Won't work if your PC is in S3 sleep, however.

Give it a try and see how you go.  I've set the occasional recording with my phone successfully.

I fixed my problem the hard way!!!!! Had to reset Media Center so tv setup had to be done again. Which means rescanning as well as series to be added but all other things stay the same.

For those that do want to do a re-install, I've used the following instructions previously to back up and then restore my series settings:

Windows Vista Media Center / Re: Padding not working
« on: January 19, 2010, 08:11:47 PM »
works with MCE scheduled shows, doesn't with Interactive scheduled shows
I wish this was the case for me even - I dont get any prepadding and I schedule all my shows using the Media Center guide (content from IceTV) and it still doesn't work with hard padding (not at all for Pre and I'm convinved that despite having a dual tuner it wont use a second tuner to record a programme overlapping and it cuts off my first programme - possibly that's a Win7 issue though)
Hanging out for

I agree.  I use MCE to schedule, and was getting no pre-padding when using

Sometimes my MCE series show up as single red dots, though often they don't show up in Interactive at all.  I found Interactive quite unreliable for scheduling recordings, so just use MCE Series for everything.  I'll see some things that are well older than a week as red dots, so it's not just the new series that are showing up.  It seems more random to me.


Windows Vista Media Center / Re: Padding not working
« on: January 07, 2010, 09:27:17 PM »
Is available on-line, or did you keep a previous version?

I've now noticed the same thing.

Originally, IceTV was working fine on my PC.  That was on a build that I did some time ago.  As I'd tried a couple of graphics cards, and wanted to do a fresh install of the drivers, I reinstalled software on the machine.  My starting point was the image that I took of the previous installation, at the point where Win7 had just been installed (i.e. I'm using the same Windows login now as I was originally).  From there, I set up media centre and installed IceTV (I didn't keep the old installers).  Now I notice what you've noticed: IceTV won't start up automatically on login/boot.

My suspicion is that something has changed in the current IceTV installer.  Because my previous software build had been based on the original IceTV installer (back to the second beta), I had been fortunate in that as I upgraded, the auto-start feature was left in place my computer.  Now, on my new build, I've lost that as I can only access the installer.

If anyone knows where the previous versions of the IceTV installers are archived, that info would be much appreciated.  Current version of IceTV seems to be a regression to me.

Windows Vista Media Center / Re: Pre Padding
« on: December 22, 2009, 06:56:58 PM »
Me too, if you wanted confirmation of the bug.  I don't have a fix though, and am wishing that I kept the old installers so I could roll back.

I tried switching off interactive mode in my account settings (I just use IceTV for EPG data, and let Win7 manage the recordings).  Did that last night, and still got no pre-pad when recording the 6-o-clock news tonight.

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