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Windows XP Media Center Edition / Re: Enough Rope with Andrew Denton...
« on: August 26, 2006, 08:26:28 PM »
Bummer, eh?

I just set everything to series recordings, and clean them up every now and again.

MCE seems to cope with more than 100 series recordings - the only issue seems to be a slowdown going into recorded TV - which is the prompt for me to clean up.

Dunno if it is the ice feed, or MCE.  As you know (;)) this happens with all guides that we know about.

I've sort of been quiet here, but I've seen this behaviour, and every time I do see it, it is down to one of two reasons.  The key reason is that the shows that don't appear to be set to record are flagged as repeats.  If your default record settings are first run only, and the iceteam are flagging a show as a repeat, it won't record.  That means that when you shedule a series for a show that is all repeats - for example - like Dr Who Classic - you must go into series recording, and change the settings for that series to all showings.

As far as I know, when you set up a series, it inherits the first run/all showings setting that was the default when the series recording was created, and even if you later change the default, existing series are not changed - which is the way it should be.  The last thing you would want is to change your default from all showings to first run, and then have existing series recordings stop recording because of that.

The second reason, which I've seen rarely - occurs when your icetv subscription gets lost (typically because you do something like apply MCE RU2, for example).  In this case, the series can still exist, but when you re-establish your guide subscription, MCE doesn't recognise that there are any shows for the forthcoming series.  The way to establish this is for a show that doesn't have a red dot, and you believe it should (according to the series that is already defined), is do a record series again on the show.  If you don't get any warning, what you should then find if you go into series recordings is two listings for the series.  One of them will have the start time appended in the list.  If you go into each series, one of them (it's random, can be first or second) will have no forthcoming episodes listed, and the other will have the episodes that are due to record listed.  Delete the instance with no episdoes - it's orphaned.

Let's keep them running.

Honestly, how many people read the description for the news or aca every night - and if so, FFS, why?  Are you unsure of the presenters?  Perhaps you're unsure of the title?  There is nothing - nothing whatsoever - that can be provided in the description that is remotely useful to assist in your decision on whether to watch or record these programs.

It's a joke.  If you don't like the joke, ignore it  - or ask for a refund, and choose another guide provider that does provide descriptions for programs that you do like.

Windows Vista Media Center / Re: Standby and Guide Updates / Fixes
« on: July 28, 2006, 07:20:41 PM »
Here's hoping the WOL capability as described by BJ is a feasible option.

Yeah, I hope so - I'm hoping DB can come to the rescue here (Peter as you know, I'm happy to help off line).

Otherwise I'll have to hack someone else's work and create QuickWOLâ„¢!

Sorry to bring this thread back on topic guys but I think I need to restate the original question in a different way. From my observations it seems that guide updates and fixes cause the machine to automatically come out of standby while PIMP updates only occur while the machine is awake. If that is correct then I would assume that the PIMP updates could be safely set to 5 minute intervals and they would likely occur when the machine wakes to update the guide.

Is that the way it works?

Phil, your understanding is correct.  I haven't personally observed my HTPC waking up to do a guide update - I have, infact, observed my dev PC doing a guide update 'late' after I manually wake it up - so I suspect that MCE natively doesn't wake up to do a guide update, though PIMP might.

But, in summary, if PIMP is set for five minute updates - and anything wakes up the PC, PIMP will be able to update.

However, my HTPC isn't reliably sleeping any more.  I haven't bothered to see if it is PIMP keeping it awake, or the fact that the mobo died and I did a mobo transplant without a re-install.  One possibility is, however, that PIMP might keep your PC from sleeping if five minute updates are more frequent than the standby/hibernate timeout.

On the chance that PIMP was keeping the HTPC awake, I've set the update to 20 minutes (Standby is set to 15 minutes), and it seems to have allowed the HTPC to go to sleep.

Now, lets get back OT.  Peter, Doug, any comments on WOL?

Windows Vista Media Center / Re: Standby and Guide Updates / Fixes
« on: July 27, 2006, 05:09:27 PM »
Hi Marc,

The intention wasn't to wake every 5 minutes to update PIMP, but rather, only if a recording request is scheduled by a user via the PIMP server, and the server detects that the device has not picked up the request (say) 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of the request, that it then sends a WOL packet to wake up the HTPC.

That way the PC gets to sleep, until it wakes up to record something it already knows about, or the PIMP server knows it needs to be woken up to be told about a recording that it doesn't yet have scheduled.

It gives you the best of both worlds - PIMP for last minute "I want to record this" requests, but the HTPC sleeping when not required.

Windows Vista Media Center / Re: Standby and Guide Updates / Fixes
« on: July 27, 2006, 08:24:59 AM »
Peter, I was probably mislead by the fact that if I look at the port forwards in my router, I see two ports opened by Azureus - I last used Azureus weeks ago to DL knoppix, and it hasn't been run since.

Interestingly, though, now that I have another look, it is gone - the thing is that I added a static port forward for WOL testing - so maybe that's the trigger for the router - a new port forward causes out of date uPnPs to expire. So I'm not sure how long the expiration is, but there are ways around that.

WOL can be done with a broadcast packet, but it can also be done with a specific packet.

Anyway, I did some testing last night.

DSL Reports has a wake up tool: You put in your external IP and a MAC.  Provided you've got port nine forwarded, it wakes up your PC.

So, I know that I can get system outside my router (BEFSR41) to forward a packet, and my NIC will wake up my PC.

All good.  I can be pretty confident that dslreports are not sending a broadcast packet.

What about if you want to wake more than one PC inside a router.  My router (at least) won't allow me to set the port forward address to the broadcast subnet (e.g., so that's out.  That means multiple ports would need to be forwarded to multiple PCs - which is why I thought of uPnP.

However, if that is out, then you could, at least, manually set up port forwards for each PC running PIMP that you wanted woken up.  Even if you have to set these up manually - and even if you need to configure the same settings on each PC in PIMP or on the server, it can be done, so it's a viable option.

Windows Vista Media Center / Re: Standby and Guide Updates / Fixes
« on: July 26, 2006, 09:55:06 PM »
...don't have "magic packet" support (

This is actually the secret - add WOL (and STUN and uPnP) to PIMP.

  • PIMP Client opens a port in a uPnP router using uPnP
  • The PIMP client tells the PIMP server the MAC address, external IP Address (derived using STUN) & Port for the client, and the server remembers (or the Server determines the external IP when it processes the updates from the client).
  • When you schedule a show using PIMP, if it does not receive a refresh request (say) 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the newly added show, it sends the WOL packet to the IP address at the port.
  • The router will forward the packet to the appropriate internal IP address based on the uPnP port previously opened by PIMP client
  • PC wakes up.
  • PIMP schedules the program when it does it's next update.

You can do it without STUN as the server can determine the external IP, and you can do it without uPnP by setting up a static port forward & IP address.

This would be worth testing out (simply, with hand configured IP, port & MAC settings) to see if it works, and adding the flash automation stuff if it does.

If you look at some of the links in the wikipedia article you quoted, Shane, you can see there are already services out there that do this, so it isn't too hard.

IceTV EPG Content / Re: Program name change - Doctor Who
« on: July 17, 2006, 09:58:21 AM »
Hmmm, not happy, Jan.

Why not just use the first run/repeat flag?

I assume this has been done because someone has complained about ending up recording all Dr Who - new and repeats?

XMLTV (General) / Re: Help with http request
« on: July 10, 2006, 11:41:57 AM »
Hmmm, not sure.

Definitely still works with ftp in IE.

As far as I know it is part of the RFC:, although noted as deprecated.

XMLTV (General) / Re: Help with http request
« on: July 10, 2006, 09:06:53 AM »
The standard form is
Code: [Select] and how your component handles this is another issue.  If you build your URL and plug in your userid and password into it, internet explorer (for example) will handle the authentication correctly and you're away.

Where is this at?

The first beta's allowed you to specify a device ID in the client GUI.

Now you can create and delete devices on the website.  However, the issue appears to be that there is no way to associate a device on the website with a specific instance of PIMP running on a specific MCE.

What that means for me is if I have PIMP enabled and running on only one MCE, all is good, but the moment I have more than once MCE, it doesn't seem to work - schedules on PIMP disappear.

Add an option to the systray icon to go directly to the PIMP website and be automatically logged in.

The reasoning - sometimes I just want to check what is scheduled in MCE (on my Desktop, rather than my HTPC), and rather than fire up MCE which takes a little while, and conflicts with other programs that might be displaying video, for example, I log into the PIMP web site.  However, if I didn't have to log in, that would be one step better.

General Discussions / Re: Legal challenge from Nine Network
« on: May 31, 2006, 09:42:59 PM »
Good luck with this.  You'd think they'd chase the nineMSN screen scrapers instead.  Oh, that's right, no assets worth chasing.

At least you can sue your legal advisers if you don't triumph.

call their help line as they are quick to help

Yep, that's the benefit of a paid service. 8)

Two comments.

You might need to system restore prior to installing the rollup - since that apparently broke it.

You should e-mail support or phone support (as per

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