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General Discussions / A big thank you to Matt at IceTV for great support.
« on: January 11, 2009, 08:10:48 PM »
I wanted to post about the fantastic support I've just received from Matt at IceTV.

Matt sorted out my subscription problems quickly, and his e-mail was friendly and helpful.

Great service from IceTV.

I have no hesitation in recommending IceTV - especially for your non-technical friends and family.

Obviously (for those who remember QuickGuide) I have the technical savvy to set up and maintain a guide service for MCE or a PVR, but the thing about IceTV is that I use their service, and I don't have to think about it - it just works.  Easy to recommend to my parents, who still can't program the PVR.

Highly recommended.


The hotfix is now generally available - so you no longer need to call support - which is good for me because I never seem to get a chance during normal support business hours.

This page allows you to request the hotfix;en;1410&WS=hotfix - you will need to provide the hotfix number (referred to on this page as the KB Article Number) listed below by Impact: 938927

They'll e-mail you a link to the hotfix where you can download it.

You'll still need to follow the instructions in the article (which is also online:

Hopefully no more lost channels or lost scheduled recordings.

IceTV EPG Content / ABC Data missing in Melbourne, tonight (Vista MCE)
« on: August 23, 2007, 10:02:03 PM »
Just re-setup my TV settings (still haven't got through to get the hot-fix during business hours), and ABC TV Melbourne has downloaded in the guide (as the channel name is there to map guide listings to a channel), but no data is available at all.

Just re-downloaded to check, and still no go.

Lost all my series recordings.

Worked for a week, but after the first week, they are showing up as series in PIMP, but none are scheduled on MCE.

It seems like every update request from PIMP is getting the following message in PIMP

PIMP Account Name same as Forum Name

Request ignored because it's being made too often.
 - DeviceID: 0
 - IsRequest: False
 - IsError: True
 - NewFormat: True
 - ProtoVersion: 2
 - AppVersion: 107
 - MessageWait: 11
 - MessageCookie:
 - StatusMessage: Request ignored because it's being made too often.
 - - - - SendSchedulerStateReply
 - - - - - _task_count: 0

Does PIMP have a wake to update function?  I don't think so.

You could schedule a task for 1:55pm every day (say cmd /c del c:\temp\*.* to clean up a temp directory, for example), and set that schedule to wake the PC to run - so your PC will be awake for PIMP to force the guide refresh.

IceTV EPG Content / Re: Missing ABC and ABC2 in Melbourne
« on: March 22, 2007, 09:03:35 PM »
And SBS in Melbourne as well.

There is only about 4 days for ABC/SBS in Melbourne at the moment - where's the rest?  I want to schedule Chaser, but can't.

 >:( >:(

Windows XP Media Center Edition / Re: Channel names for MCE
« on: March 13, 2007, 08:09:24 AM »
I, for one, don't mind the channel names not matching (Because the current names look better in the guide - e.g. SBS World News Digital).  So, when you've got the details you need, can you make the name change an option, editiable in your account profile, and not default to changing?



I just wish now that the Xbox 360 could wake the PC across the network (ie Wake on LAN with a Magic Packet).

Then my green-conscious media center system would be complete :)


Shane, I don't own a 360, so this is probably a worthless suggestion, but...

Does a 360 include a browser?  If so, you could possibly borrow the dslreports wake on lan web page to wake your MC PC.

I honestly don't think that will work. Unlike Standby, Hibernation completely powers off the PC and thus scheduled tasks will not wake the PC.
Nope, they will.  Try it :)

How do you think MCE wakes from hibernate to record?

Windows Vista Media Center / Re: (Latest) PIMP Installer Fails
« on: November 29, 2006, 07:03:52 PM »
Hi BJReplay,

I have been checking up on this and it appears to be either a corrupt or out of date installation of InstallShield (the installer program in use for PIMPmyMCE)...

If you can let us know how this goes it would be great.

Sweet.  I didn't google as hard as you, obviously :)

Windows Vista Media Center / (Latest) PIMP Installer Fails
« on: November 28, 2006, 08:03:53 PM »
Just downloaded again today following the "It's live" announcement.

I notice the installer PIMP_My_MCE is showing a modified date of 30/07/2006 19:00 - which seems a while ago, but anyway.

I ran it, and got the following error:

Code: [Select]
Error Code: -5009 : 0x8002802b
Error Information:
>Ctor\ObjectWrapper.cpp (163)
>Ctor\ObjectWrapper.cpp (402)
>Kernel\Component.cpp (1163)
>Kernel\CABFile.cpp (389)
>SetupDLL\SetupDLL.cpp (1541)
@Windows XP Service Pack 2 (2600) IE 7.0.5730.11

I have a feeling he is more aware of PIMP than you know :)

Windows Vista Media Center / Re: ICETV for Vista
« on: September 09, 2006, 03:38:28 PM »
RC1 came up with the no guide available, and I re-ran the ice setup, then went back and forward again to postcode, and all good.

I like the mini-guide.

RC1 looking good so far.

Peter, if you're following this thread - can you distinguish between a vista registration and an MCE registration at the server end?  I keep on losing my MCE registrations - every time I register a vista install, it kicks off my oldest registered MCE to sample guide - which is (of course) the HTPC.

Windows Vista Media Center / Re: ICETV for Vista
« on: September 08, 2006, 07:01:00 AM »
You may not see my reply - I might be in your killfile :)
...after running the MCE Application...
By MCE Application, do you mean media centre, or the setup program: IceGuide4MCE.exe?

You must run IceGuide4MCE.exe.

Windows Vista Media Center / Re: ICETV for Vista
« on: August 30, 2006, 09:20:23 PM »
Works OK with build 5536.  Just need to fix security warnings, etc.

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