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Windows 7 Media Center / Re: RC1 Issue
« on: May 11, 2009, 09:21:18 PM »
Hi Mitty

Figured it out - windows 7 got the date wrong. Fixed that and it all worked fine.

Would you believe it? I hadn't noticed that when Win 7 7100 reinstalled it got the date wrong. Fixed the date and everything worked OK.

Windows 7 Media Center / Re: RC1 Issue
« on: May 11, 2009, 08:30:15 PM »
Hi Mitty, I'm having the same problem - can you please post if you managed to get it fixed and how? Thanks.

Hi everyone, I'm a Perth WA user here , and I'm having problems trying to get IceTV guide data into Windows 7 MCE. Tonight I've just completed another fresh install of 7100, followed the IceTV beta instructions to the point where all of my scanned stations have the '-icetv' after them, but there's no data showing up in the guide at all apart from the OTA now showing info. I've checked the downloaded file (by deleting the line in the batch file that deletes it) and there's guide data in there OK, it's just not showing up in MCE. All hardware tried and tested working flawlessly with Vista MCE.

I'm using a FusionHDTV Lite and a Hauppauge HVR2200.

Any ideas? This is the third fresh reinstall I've done on this system. I can't go back to Vista 'cos I'm deaf and find the captions on live TV invaluable.

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