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General Discussions / New 7HD programming
« on: May 10, 2016, 09:41:04 PM »
Hi Guys,
I've just noticed 7HD is now broadcasting, so finally footy in HD!!

Currently my Beyonwiz T4 is pulling the same guide data as 7sd (as HD is using LCN 30 I believe).
However in Perth, 7HD is a HD Simulcast of 7mate (LCN 73).

Does anyone know how I can correct this, to have the 7mate guide map to 7HD?

Beyonwiz / LCN for channel 7 now it's all changed
« on: September 24, 2010, 08:44:45 PM »
Just wondering if a change to the prescribed LCN's for 7 digital is on the cards.

With 7mate launching, normal channel 7 is now LCN 7, simulcast on LCN 71.

At the moment, we can only direct the 7Digital guide to LCN 7, but given the layout of the epg for the wiz, it makes more sense to use LCN 71 (keeps them all sequential).

Was hoping it would change so we can allocate 7Digital guide to LCN 71.

Not a big deal, but seems to make sense for a nice organized epg.

Awesome to see the Beta2 released, without the padding issue.

More than worth the wait.

one question though, if I've got Beta1 installed, do I need to simply update it through the GUI, or do I need to uninstall Beta1 and install Beta2?

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