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General Discussions / Re: IceTV Resurrected
« on: October 17, 2015, 08:39:39 PM »
Happy Days.
 I spent most of Friday trying to set my EyeTV/Mac to automate recordings, what a headache.
I did find an online guide to use that would tell me of repeat screenings but to send that to my recorders would require a lot more time, know-how and patience than I have. XMLTV, automation and script- writing
I logged back into Ice today just out of curiosity and joy of joys, I saw a full weeks worth of schedules.
My other solution had missed a lot of schedules, particularly " Fargo".

So a big thank you to all that have made it possible for this service to survive, especially Dave, who has been the only one to ever aknowledge any of my  support mail in the past.
Keep up the good work, keep it as an interactive EPG service only and you will have my continued subscription.

SKIPPA / Re: IceTv in Voluntary Administarion
« on: October 09, 2015, 11:44:02 PM »
The writing was on the wall. When I first saw IceTV promoting this machine I knew trouble was on the way for the EPG service in general. It all started earlier this year when the server " Upgrades" left us in the lurch. Too many eggs in one basket or greed? I don't know, but they would never be able to deliver "Ad-Free" recordings.
The majority of networks , including ABC and SBS no longer have visible triggers when a program starts, rather just jumps into it straight from promos. No intro credits, watermarks nor any other signal.
They have more money and resources than IceTV and will always be ahead of the game for whatever their reasons are. They are all in on the FreeView, so is that behind it?
I was never going to buy a Skippa, (my mac mini set-up has given me 4 tuners for years),..I feel for those that ordered and paid for one and now look like not getting a refund. But more I am going to miss the convenience of the online scheduling and EPG should they fold altogether.
I hope that an investor is found to bail them out,...and please stick with delivering an up to date scheduling and EPG service.

General Discussions / Re: Which PVR should I get?
« on: May 27, 2015, 04:27:02 AM »
The options of which PVR to buy is narrowed by your criteria. IceTV Interactive models have become less available since I first subscribed to the service 7 years ago. I started with a Topfield TF7100HD+, served me well for many years until I finally had to ditch it last year. It was a firmware problem, not the hardware that failed, although I did replace the hard-drive once.

Shortly before I bought that Toppy I bought my first Mac, a late 2006 Mac Mini and subsequently bought an EyeTV Diversity USB Sick from IceTV.
I have never had a problem with EyeTV and now use that exclusively.
I now run a later model Mini (mid 2010 ) with 2 Diversity sticks connected giving me 4 tuners capable of recording  4 different channels simultaneously. I also run a third Diversity stick on my iMac to handle any conflicting schedules, which are rare as the EyeTV software has excellent padding and scheduling management.
The EyeTV comes with Windows software too , but I have never run it on that platform, so can't attest to the reliability there.
My set up is:
Mac Mini to HDTV via HDMI; each of the 2 Diversity USB sticks connected to a different Bus ( I use USB Ports 1 and 3 );  one installation of the EyeTV software,with the archive on a 1Tb external drive.
The recordings are easily edited, can be exported(converted) to any format andare flawless.
With a third Diversity stick on the iMac I can record more, simply edit and copy the recording to the Minis EyeTV archive to play back on the HDTV. Be sure to quit  and restart the EyeTV  app on the receiving Mac for the recording to be registered.
I am also still running the Mini on Snow Leopard. Simply because it is in my opinion the most stable of all OSX and while not having the most up to date security features it has one feature that subsequent systems lack, FrontRow.
The Mini is ideal as a HTPC  and FrontRow is ideal to play all media files. Add a plug-in called PyeTV and FrontRow will access your EyeTv archive too, allowing you to delete recordings, watch live broadcasts and more.

Sorry for the long winded rant. I think that the EyeTV option could work out cheaper for some people and offer superior perfomance than some stand alone PVR's, and I have read that the EyeTv software works seamlessly with the much cheaper Hauppage tuner sticks,...again I have not tested this.

To sum up, an old lap top with a fairly cheap TV USB Stick and some good (if rather a bit more expensive) software (EyeTV 3)  makes a better PVR than anything out there. With the added benefit of adding media serververs such as Plex, xbmc or any other DLNA capable servers you can stream direct to most Smart TV's.

Ellie, have fun exploring the possibilities of that laptop, but remember I have not verified the compatibility of EyeTV with Windows nor Hauppage with EyeTV.

Got theemail that all is fixed...won't happen again,.. it isn't.
"my week" is still mainly blank for the week.
I too wonder if this has to do with "Skippa" interaction processes being introduced.
I've had years of hassle free service from icetv, now nothing but trouble.

Not much consolation to those people with PVR's, but Iam running 3 EyeTv Diversity sticks on 2 macs, giving me 6 tuners of simultaneous recording, all with thier own padding.
I have been having the same problem over the past 2 weeks but when the glitch was "fixed" last week I was able to do a fetch on both macs to get schedules for this week.
Because I only do manual fetches, my schedules are all still there but with the website problem returning yesterday, I have no idea of any changes to them , nor am I able to do any more fetches without icetv deleting those that are there.

My Toppy TFR7100HDPVRt was working flawlessly for years, then started freezing on live broadcasts. Same problems as posted earlier that remote wouldn't work etc,..I did all resets (when it was possible, kept crashing), in the end I was tempted to throw it out, but didn't.
I retired it. Having numerous eyeTV tuners on several macs, I could do without it.
After several months and out of curiosity I set it back up. Not a problem since.

I think the Toppy is a good device, could be great with better firmware, mine might of chucked a hissy fit for a while but is back to what it did out of the box.
Stick with it, give it time to rest ( sounds stupid, but it worked for me).

Now, if icebox ( when finally available ) is what they promise , I will get one.
Maybe with the advanced features of Elgato software, along with the playback capabilities of the DvicoTvix (which was promising but did not deliver, dying after 3 months), Quad tuners (not network specific ) and add iView ,.....

EyeTV / Re: Eye TV netstream DTT
« on: October 27, 2013, 06:34:48 AM »
I bought a netstream a few years back. After having run 3 Diversety USB  tuners on 3 different Macs with no problems whatsoever, whether programming, scheduling, recording,,,flawless. UNTIL....

I thought I would try the Netstream, nothing but hassles. it has sat  on the shelf for 2 years until today
when I decided to give it another shot. I hate things sitting around doing nothing.
I am running an iMac and a Mini as a HTPC, both running Snow Leopard (Macs equivalent of XP in my opinion, and flawless,...MY OPINION ) EyeTV software is up to date on both. I discovered that I could leave
both machines registered with icetv after configuring the netstream. A bit more fluffing around.....
Sorry people, I am rambling here, I am listening to Cold Chisel "Let's Go Get Stoned" and might be getting there....
Suffice to say I think I now have this thing set up correctly, Diversity tuners are great and I highly recommend them, but if this Netstream now works it will be more convenient.

Oh,yeah, one other thing, the unit was running very hot after only a short time and I found a way to fix this,...I place the unit on 3 stacks of 4 10 cent coins. It allows airflow and also acts as heat sink.
hey use whatever coinage you have, all the same ,..hope this helps some one,..I have other fixes for issues with this gadget, but I really must now "Go GeT Stoned"

IceTV EPG Content / New series of Shameless
« on: April 05, 2012, 06:24:05 PM »
The IceTV interactive guide is showing that the new episode of Shameless on SBS Monday 9th April is series 9.
It is in fact series 8.
I would of hated it had SBS decided to skip Series 8 and go straight to series 9.

Same problem here.
It started straight after the server upgrades were done.

It doesn't appear to be affecting any of my devices (3 eyeTV tuners, 1 Topfield), all are receiving scheduled recordings,  but it is very annoying when checking on times and conflicting schedules.

Yes it would be nice to at least have this problem acknowledged by the IceTV staff but as the note says, these forums are not monitored by them.
So I shall contact them directly, advise them of this problem and hopefully it will be rectified once they are able to do so.

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