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Hi Paul,

Advanced Keyword recordings or Favourites (the red text under the TV Guide search box) does have a repeats only option, it's at the bottom.

IceTV EPG Content / Re: Chicago Fire
« on: December 03, 2019, 08:31:20 AM »
...or the show following.  It sounds a bodge but there is absolutely nothing we can do if the channel/network don't publish the late start. It's been a bugbear for all TV watchers for years, hence even having to put any padding on the end of a show, but it seems the relevant broadcast authority (ACMA) hasn't the appetite to mess with the commercial TV channels. We recommend 20  minutes which usually catches everything but there will always be exceptions that are impossible to forecast.

IceTV EPG Content / Re: QI episode
« on: November 30, 2019, 06:21:41 PM »

There are two reasons for your issue, none of which are IceTV's error:

1) ABC dropped QI for two separate episodes of a Clive James Tribute and The boy from Kogarah.  We correctly updated our EPG data when we were advised by the ABC at about 5pm but they didn't update their own website so maybe you were looking at incorrect broadcast info.

2) You use an eyeTV which only logs onto IceTV for EPG updates once a day, in your caae at about 8am, so you EPG can easily miss late changes as it did on this occasion.  I'd advise updating it every evening at about 5:30-6pm via its preferences to pick up late changes which my Guide Team manage until late afternoon. 

It has been re-scheduled Friday 6 December.


Re keywords - use the "Create keyword recording or favourite" under the TV Guide search bar (in red text).  We'll improve its position and identity when we can but we are simply snowed under right now.  See attached where I've entered a title, series and episode in each section and the search term is shown in the top slot, growing as each is added.

Hi cstak40,

The reason we have removed these options is that having technically complex options to suit the few expert edge cases is simply not a good business model. The vast majority want a simple foolproof click and record choice or else they delve in and mess up and we lose far more "keep it simple" customers than the expert edge cases will ever add up to.

Hi ChrisW,

Regarding having to choose SD as we prefer HD the simple solution to that is to go to your IceTV Guide Settings in your account and disable every HD channel then SD will get chosen as we can't "Prefer HD". Also, I see you use an iPhone and the latest update removes the HD-SD choices so setting the option in your Guide Settings will become the only way to get SD every time, but its the easy way anyway.

Yes our default have always been "Prefer HD", but if HD is not enabled in the IceTV Guide Settings and an SD channel is available it will choose SD.  But SD has a poor picture and, counterintuitively, HD doesn't use much if any more HD space due to broadcast compression so HD is always the way to go. Having the choices caused confusion or illogical choices of "Prefer SD" (when one knows the reasons).  So we have taken away the option to make the mistake.

IceTV EPG Content / Re: What's On This Week
« on: November 04, 2019, 05:51:10 PM »
Seems we had a glitch, you should get it very soon.

Smart Recording on iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad / Re: Recommendations
« on: October 26, 2019, 04:39:37 PM »
Are you scrolling the day to the right to get to the next ones?

IceTV EPG Content / Re: Is IceTV a 7 day EPG, or 5 day EPG ?
« on: October 11, 2019, 09:43:34 AM »
Hi Gordon,

Yes there are lots of TBAs right now as we can't be sure what is actually being aired and, if we have conflicting information or no information so we have to guess, we'd rather hold off as we don't want customers setting recordings that fail if the show is taken off air.  They will fill in as we become certain of the information.  Our Guide Team's job often resembles 'herding cats'!

IceTV EPG Content / Re: Is IceTV a 7 day EPG, or 5 day EPG ?
« on: October 09, 2019, 12:08:26 AM »
Hi again, "chopper",

One problem with forum posts v Support tickets is that we don't know whether your forum name "chopper" is the same as your IceTV username as there is no forum link to your IceTV account. Your forum email isn't present at all in our database and your IceTV username is different (after some digging around via my iPhone at about 9:30pm then my Mac at midnight!).  So my last reply re Melbourne is wrong but our difficulty re getting Adelaide ch 44 still applies in that we rely on their supply to us.  But forum posts re missing EPG data needs an easily identified IceTV identity so I/we can examine your account to see whether the problem is local to your PVR or a missing EPG data issue.  Nevertheless always post EPG issues in this forum.

IceTV EPG Content / Re: Is IceTV a 7 day EPG, or 5 day EPG ?
« on: October 08, 2019, 10:09:59 PM »
Hi chopper,  you mentioned in your first post 44 Adelaide but you are in Melbourne? Re your second post Iím guessing by ďchannelĒ 44 you mean C31 Melbourne which is LCN 44. C31 provides us the with data and are often late so the C31 EPG can shrink down to whatever future data they give us. We donít ignore the fact and chase them but if they donít respond we are somewhat powerless.

Beyonwiz / Re: Timer not set for The Good Karma Hospital S03E01
« on: October 06, 2019, 05:11:37 PM »
It should set the evening as the U4 set 7 days in advance.  The show at 7:40am this morning has set as the 7 day time period has passed.

IceTV EPG Content / Re: Quantico - 7 network
« on: September 20, 2019, 01:13:46 PM »
I've checked on my Beyonwiz U4 and a Humax 2Tune and neither use our season and ep info.  Personally I never look at a PVR/MCE EPG as, for me, the app is quicker via Search' or My Week, or if I'm working the website is more convenient.

IceTV EPG Content / Re: Quantico - 7 network
« on: September 20, 2019, 10:16:18 AM »
Hi Adrian,

We are testing an updated iPhone app right now and those season and ep details will be added.  The Android app won't be updated to reflect the updated iPhone one for a couple of months, simply due to limited resources to do the work.

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