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Just wondering why we still can't record a show on a specific channel, rather than only having the choice of a network. For instance if I just want to record the daytime replays of a peak hour show I can't do that as my choices are First Runs Only (which will record the peak hour show on the main channel), First Runs & Repeats (which will record peak hour and repeat which I don't need). Surely it can't be that hard to specify a show on a specific channel?

This issue would be partly fixed by allowing us to select the channel we want to record the series on not just the network. For instance I want to record the Big Brother repeats on GO because the Nine broadcast clashes with several other shows but I can't specify GO, only 'Nine'.

Btw, this is the 3rd attempt at posting this...your recaptcha functionality is really poor, if you get the words wrong it gives you a message but when you click 'back' your post is lost.

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