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ICE Guys', are we going to be able to record by event type (eg weight lifting) and have Olympics as the sub-title or will we only be able to create a single series recording for the entire thing (title being "Olympics" and sub-title being "the event")?

IceTV EPG Content / Another "NASCAR" Guide Issue
« on: April 29, 2008, 01:37:16 PM »
Ice guy's recently several of the NASCAR Nationwide brodacasts (eg the one just past) have been split into 2 segments in the guide incorrectly - they were labeled "saturday race" and "sunday race" when there is only ever a single nation wide race on only 1 day of any given weekend (sprint cup can sometimes have 2 races during a weekend but this isn't the norm). This is usually Saturday US time unless it is a standalone race (not paired with a "Sprint Cup" race) like the Mexico Race was.

The Race last weekend (and i've seen this at least once before) was listed as 2 consecutive timeslots, the first was 4:00am-5:00am, and the second was 5:00am - 6:30am IIRC.

If you guys at ICE are un-sure of a race format, can you please check the Marcos Ambrose (Aussie racer who moved to the USA to compete in NASCAR) website as he usually lists the next race and some details on his site ( or even Wikipedia which has tons of info on NASCAR?

I realise im not the most popular ICE customer here (due to my willingness to to call things as I see them) but I'd really appreciate it if you guy's would remember that i am a long-time paying customer who would like to get what he pays for (an accurate EPG for the purpose of easily recording TV series) and I have been a vocal proponent of your EPG service across the Aussie DTV, Topfield & other TV related forums.

I realise you guy's dont have the easiest of jobs and so on, but I only point out issues with the ICE Guide to help ICE improve the service. As a former Service Management Consultant I believe that the first priortity of managing customer issues is to communicate with the customer in a timely and honest manner even if you are unable assist them at the time. Silence and in-action is the fastest way to frustrate and anger a customer - this will rapidly undo hard earned goodwill.

Sincerely Derek.

Hi Ice Folk,

Can we please get Ice Remote to allow Selectable Padding Type? (ie: Soft Padding or Hard Padding)

Currently ICE Remote uses "Soft Padding" (global setting) to extend the record length etc - this is fine for most ppl who only have 1 or 2 tuners but for folks with 3+ Tuners (tons of us over at the aus media center forums) its limitations are a pest. eg:

Soft Padding: means that if you have 2 back-to-back shows on the same channel both programmed to record and both with "soft padding", you will get the end of the first show in the recording of the second show as VMC/MCE will use a single tuner to record both shows.

This means that if someone in your household watches the second show and deletes it when done you will loose then end of the first show, as the 2nd recording will start on time as per the published schedule. (thanks to the networks being morons and deliberately not sticking to schedules!  >:( )

If using Hard Padding instead it means that if you have 2 back-to-back shows on the same channel both programmed to record and both with "Hard Padding" (via advanced record), you will get both shows recorded using 2 tuners and both shows will be 100% intact as per the specified padding.

This means that if someone in your household watches the second show and deletes it when done, you will NOT loose then end of the first show as the both recordings use your specified start finish times (padding).

WebGuide does this currently, which is why i use it (+ ICE Guide) for sheduing "series records", but I would love to go back to using Ice Remote to take advantage of the new "recomentation" feature and others.

ICE Guy's, can you please fix the NASCAR listings as media Center owners cant set series recordings!

I, and im sure many other paying ICE customers, would like to be able to set series recordings for either 1 or both of the 2 NASCAR series and until ICE start titling NASCAR events properly (eg just like any other series ICE have previously shown in their guide) paying ICE customers cant do this!


Title: Motor Sport: NASCAR Nationwide Series
Subtitle:  2008 Camping World 300 at Daytona International Speedway
Description: NASCAR Nationwide Series for 2008 starts in Daytona for the Orbitz 300.


Title: Motor Sport: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series
Subtitle: 2008 Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway
Description: NASCAR Sprint Cup Series for 2008 starts with the classic Daytona 500.


Title:Motor Sport: NASCAR - Nationwide Series
Subtitle:Stater Brothers 300
Description: Once again, California Speedway hosts the second race of the NASCAR Nationwide Series, the Stater Brothers 300. This year it's being held on the same day as the San Bernardino County 200 Craftsman Truck races. Last year's winner Matt Kenseth is sitting 5th on the table after just one race with Tony Stewart leading the series from his Toyota teammate Kyle Busch.

It took me 1 Google search on "Stater Brothers 300" to find that is was part of the Nationwide Series!

Seriously guy's im only asking for changes that will improve the ICE TV service for Media Center users who dont have the luxury of TED/S for the Toppy 5000 which can have series records based on keywords combined with logic algorithms.

I really cant imagine why this wasn't done in the first place?

Pretty Simple Poll folks, If you would like more info please see this Topic I started:

Essentially tho I see the problem as this, the practice of putting the year in the main title of sports series forces us to create year by year series recordings and having to keep an eye out for them in the guide, this defeats the point series recordings.

ICE dont do it for the "Cricket: One Day Cricket International" or "Extreme Sport: Planet X Summer Games", but they do it to other sports series like Motor Sports, Cycling, Soccer and so on.

If you look at the 2 screen shots attached you will see 3 Nascar events, these are all part of the "Sprint Cup Series" there is also the "Nationwide Series" and the "Craftsman Truck Series"

Can we please have all Nascar races correctly titled by series so we can set a "series" timer using Remote or WebGuide or whatever? We should be able to record by series just like the V8 SuperCars, Fujitsu V8 Supercars (feeder category), V8 Utes, Formula One etc.

As you can see from my first screen shot I cant set a series timer for these because they are titles by event, not series.

I (and im sure many others) would also appreciate it if you would stop the practice of putting the year in the main title of sports series! you dont do it for the "Cricket: One Day Cricket International" or "Extreme Sport: Planet X Summer Games" so why is it being done to other sports series? This forces us to create year by year series recordings and having to keep an eye out for them in the guide, this defeats the point series recordings.

Can we please have a standard of and putting the year in the sub-title instead?

IceTV EPG Content / Sports Series - please dont put year in main title!!!
« on: January 29, 2008, 11:01:41 PM »
Hi Ice folk,

can you please stop this habit of putting the year in the main title?

eg "NFL Super Bowl 2008" or "2008 FIA Formula One Grand Prix Championship " or "Ironman: 2008 Kelloggs Nutri-Grain Ironman Series"

The reason this is a royal pain is when I want to always record the superbowl or the new F1 season I have to make sure I keep a look out for it in the guide - imo this defeats the purpose of having the ability to record series!!!

however for the Cricket you have done it the way I am suggesting:

Cricket: One Day Cricket International
"Australia v India - Gabba 2008"
Test cricket too slow for you? Try some classic one-day action. With limited overs and unlimited talent, it's the best of both worlds.
Sun 3 Feb  1:30 PM - 5:30 PM    9 Nine

Currently ICE are really inconsistent, How about enforcing a standard and putting the year in the sub-title instead??

Also some MotorSports have the "MotorSport" prefix and other dont, (eg  Speedweek &  Speed Machine dont) how about some consistency please?

Hi Guys,

Is there something in the Data that would cause Vista Media Center to ignore the repeat flag for "life on mars" on the ABC?

I have it set by WebGuide (first run only) and even tho it is has the word repeat in the program description Media Center is ignoring it.

Cheers Derek.

I removed 2 series recordings (Bionic Women & Heroes) today via ICE remote and deleted the individual recordings - these were configured to Sevens SD channel and now that my Media Centre has a Radeon 2600pro video card in it I have decided to take advantage of the HD channels were possible.

That all seemed to go fine until I tried to re-add the shows as series recording on Seven's HD channel when I got the error "a series recording for this show already exists". So I figured maybe the ICE server needs a few mins to sort itself out before I can set a new series so I left it and went to work.

I just tried it again but as you can see from the pics of my sheduled list the show has re-apeared but yet it doesn't show up in the Series list - I tried deleting the Bionic women show again and reseting the series (as shown) but this didn't change the result!!!!

Honestly guy's remote needs some serious QA work!!!

... to be set for "Series Record" or as "Favorites".

I assume that ICE has a database of all shows that have ever been screened on Aussie FTA TV since ICE Guide first went live; how about allowing "Remote" Customers to use this info to Program series.

This would be really useful for when you know a show is going to return or may return but you have no idea when and you dont want to have to scour the TV guide every week just to catch it. eg Grey's Anatomy is returning soon and the GF wants me to record it, I would like to just set it now without all the hassle I just described.

Windows Vista Media Center / Unwanted recordings???
« on: October 10, 2007, 10:55:44 AM »
Every now and then Ice Remote schedules an un-wanted recording which is really hard to get rid of. Currently I am battling to get rid of "MOVIE: Millions Like Us " which despite deleteing from both VMC & Ice Remote keeps re-appearing and re-scheduling itself!  ???

This isn't the first time I have had un-wanted recordings appear (they are completely random and in-frequent but annoying), can Ice please investigate?

Ok as someone who spends a lot of time experimenting with M$ Media Centre, it drives me crazy that there is no way for me to force an update of all Remote Record Shows for Media Centre.

After a VMC re-build I usually have to wait 24-48hrs for my existing list of shows to finally appear in my Media Centre's list of shows to be recorded - can we please have a "Force Remote Record Update" button in ICE TV Interactive to force all shows in the queue to be programmed into VMC please?

Or even better would be a detection routine in ICE TV Interactive that can check to see if shows in your remote queue are actually programmed and then set the timers for those that are missing.

Oh and on another note, why on earth do we have to put in our ICETV Account details Twice when installing ICE Guide + Interactive? This is just silly!

REPOST to correct forum:

im getting the error "Unable to read beyond the end of the stream." and now only my EPG data is being updated, none of my new pimp timers are being created but yet somehow in the last 2 days i've had 2 bogus timers that i never created "big brother" & "rage"    ???

ps. ive even removed and re-installed vista pimp with no effect.

Windows Vista Media Center / PimpMyMCE not padding out Timers???
« on: March 31, 2007, 11:19:21 PM »
Hi ICE Dudes, I absolutely luv IceGuide + PIMP on my MCE box but I've been having one ongoing issue with Series Recordings; I set my PIMP padding to -2mins & +10mins but im not getting any padding at all, any ideas?

PS, I've made sure im using the latest versions of both IceGuide & PimpMCE for MCE 2005.

IceTV EPG Content / Formula1 Descriptions!!!
« on: July 02, 2006, 11:59:47 AM »
Cmon guy's please lift your game:

Monday 03/07/2006 at 03:45

MOTOR SPORT: 2006 Formula One Grand Prix Round 10 - USA

Racing at the 'Brickyard' the fabulous Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the 2006 FIA Formula 1 World Championship will give the McLaren-Mercedes team yet another opportunity to extend their dominance in the sport. Since their founder, Bruce McLaren won the inaugural US Grand Prix, McLaren has been the most successful Formula 1 Constructor, winning a total of 9 times since 1966. This year contestants include Kimi Raikkonen, Juan Pablo Montoya, Martin Whitmarsh and Norbert Haug.

Seriously guys, the Macca's haven't dominated anything this year! They might have had the fastest car last year but Kimi's Macca broke so often that Alonso waltzed off with the title in his indestructible Renault.

This year the Renault continues to dominate with Alonso at the wheel although Michael Schumacher is still in with a shot of winning the world drivers championship in his Ferrari - this mornings USGP qualifying was a white-wash for Ferrari so the game is still wide open.

Unfortunately this year the Macca's have been either to slow or too unreliable and the same, but worse, goes for Williams F1.

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