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NO the issues have not been resolved - EPG still disappears 
The same here, EPG goes blank sometimes, not sure what causes this, seems to happen to me intermittently when recording manually.
There seems to be also a bug with the display control of the unit, i.e after starting a manual recording and switching the Humax off and back on again (with remote), the display stays off. To get the display back on, the recording has to be stopped and unit soft power cycled.
This only happens when power saving in standby is set to On. Maybe others users could try and verify this.

Any other comments on the Humax is welcomed!

I'm still happy with the Humax. The unit itself seems very stable, it did not crash/lock up once or play up in any way other than mentioned above. The tuners are quite sensitive, so good reception even with low signal strenghts, picture quality and colors are excellent, channel changes are fast. Audio seems to be a little fast, works fine with lip-sync set to 120ms though.
Initial set up is easy, networking (via Wi-Fi for me) works without a hitch. Remote is strong (point it almost anywhere in an average sized room and still control the Humax), although position and function (i.e use of secondary commands) of some buttons could be better.
Trick play is almost instant- good for ad skipping. I also like that one still can pause and chase play live broadcast while recording 2 programs at the same time. Menus are quick and easy to navigate through, schedules are set up in a snap (icetv subscription is a must IMO), recordings quite easy to access due to folder structure (no Find function for files though).

Humax / Re: Padding Missing?
« on: July 10, 2012, 01:22:34 AM »
Question-is padding supposed to work if you hit record on a current program?
I think the answer is no. If you want start recording manually, just hit the red recording button twice and increase duration in 10 minute steps in the pop up menu.

Anyone tried 1.06 with power saving enabled yet?
Padding worked for me in power saving, but the epg was out more than my padding time. ::)

Humax / Re: Firmware 1.06 for Humax HDR7500t to be released
« on: July 10, 2012, 01:06:00 AM »
I lost the epg again tonight, tried to replicate my actions before it went down, but to no avail.
To get the epg back I had to stop all running recordings, 'reselect' IceTV in preferences and do a soft power cycle.

Padding seems to work (in power saving mode as well), but the epg was out on one test recording (Ch 11, 3am ,"Becker" was about 10 minutes late.

Btw.: I"m using an Optus Huawei E583C 3g wifi modem for networking, have full bars on wifi and 3g, no drop outs.

Humax / Re: Firmware 1.06 for Humax HDR7500t to be released
« on: July 09, 2012, 02:00:59 AM »
I just activated the 3 month free icetv trial a few hours ago and updated to 1.06 via tv portal as well (incl. 'factory reset').
Since then I've had one failed recording and the EPG did go blank. :(

Padding seems to work for me, unit was On all the time though.

C) No sign of SBS Demand service in TV Portal as promised
  I have no SBS On Demand either.

Not a good start...

Widget for Mac OSX Dashboard / Re: Widget too big - needs scrollbar!
« on: July 09, 2012, 12:11:47 AM »

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