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Beyonwiz / Re: Will a V2 load and run the disk from my T3?
« on: October 27, 2020, 07:46:22 AM »
If you are worried about the size of USB storage, you can get some very small drives (with HDD), or you could go with a USB enclosure for an M.2 SATA or M.2 NVMe drive. More expensive but unobtrusive.

If there is space you can place a 2.5" USB HDD behind the V2 where it will be next to invisible. On the other hand, a 3.5" USB HDD is harder to hide, although the Seagate ones are slimmer than most WD ones. You could also place the V2 on Top of the USB HDD - making sure you do not block the vents on the drive.

IceTV EPG Content / Re: New shows
« on: October 13, 2020, 03:50:39 PM »

It would be good to get Montalbano back!

+ 1

Thanks for the clarification, it much appreciated. So if in doubt, do a GUI restart to confirm the configuration.


Would I be correct to assume that if the USB Tuners show the correct settings (DVB-T or DVB-T2) in Openwebif that the turner is both recognised and working?


@grumpy_geoff, so you have to reboot rather than restart the GUI?

As far as I am aware all three have been rebooted in the last two or three days. Will give them another go just to be sure.


I suspect part of the problem may be long pre- and post padding, but why it should start happening now is unclear.

Found the email for latest instance, and the error was timed 20 seconds before the recording started.


@grumpy_geoff, thanks for the advice about the meta file. The first thing I checked was if the USB dongle was being detected, in Openwebif the USB tuner was recognised. One is only DVB-T, the other two are DVB-T/T2; only one support DVB-C if I recall correctly.


Each of my T2s has a USB tuner.

Had a seniors moment - it was not the firmware update that deleted the recording, I deleted them myself. I did not do a save of setting before I did the firmware update (on some to the T2s) - I have 3 of them and did the updates over the last 36 hours; it may be on the one I did today that I restored a rather ancient backup made in March or there about - thus no history.

It is really weird that this started happening in the last few days - not happened previously (had the T2s for several years now).

I use the T2 for recording rather than watching, so time shift is disabled. No streaming on the T2.

I have deleted the recording so cannot check the information.

Cannot confirm the number of timers that were recording - I decided to install the latest Beta to see if that resolved the problem. Doing so deleted the completed timer listing. Also it deleted most of the recordings - I copied the one I wasted to my PC, edited them to remove pre- and post padding and any add, then used TFtool to convert them to native Toppy recording, and copied them to one of my Toppys.

As far as I am aware at the time there would have been recordings being made on 7Two, 9GemHD and Bold.


Yes, prl, that was one of the ones I got.

Not sure if it is a related issue or not but I have started getting the following error message on mt T2s:
Message from recorder:   Recording failed: Can't allocate program source (e.g. tuner)

In the first two cases the timer did not record, last night I got the message and the timer in fact recorded successfully. Could it be something to do with having extended pre and post padding - the recording last night started at 20:00 but the error message implied the error occurred at 20:40. The recording was scheduled for 9GemHD.

There should not be a tuner issue as rarely would I have three networks recording on the same T2.


Thanks for the update Daniel - I had some random recordings on my U4 and one T2. Good to know that it is now sorted.


IceTV EPG Content / Re: 7Two Melbourne Thursday 1-10-20 Late Change?
« on: October 02, 2020, 01:14:00 PM »
Thanks Lauren for the explanation, I assumed something like that happened.

Must set up one of my non-IceTV Toppys to record the program.


IceTV EPG Content / 7Two Melbourne Thursday 1-10-20 Late Change?
« on: October 02, 2020, 09:33:25 AM »
Was there a late change to the lineup on 7Two last night? Looks like it as my Toppys had a botched update (not an IceTV issue problem with the way Toppy firmware deals with updates), but no error on T2s but recorded wrogn programs. Looks like out by an hour. Fortunately I managed to recover the second episode of Murdoch as I had a 50+ minutes post buffer.


IceTV EPG Content / Re: 10 SHAKE content gaps
« on: September 29, 2020, 01:30:10 PM »
I am seeing much the same on my U4 and T3; however Toppys seem to be OK.


No obvious evidence of rebooting. The EPG was empty on all the Toppys but when I went to check the IceTV status on each Toppy it automatically logged in and downloaded the EPG data. So, it seems to be fixed.

Thanks for all the effort in getting this sorted out.

The invalid data did not cause problems with my Beyonwiz, but I noticed on the U4 after doing an EPG fetch, that the log showed some invalid data. This would have Ben about 4 pm.


PS would I be able to get a refund for the subscription I took out to see if a completely trash setup had the problem which, as reported above it did.

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