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IceTV EPG Content / Re: Xena: Warrior Princess
« on: June 10, 2020, 07:41:15 AM »
It appears that you have changed this now, and it looks like this has fixed the problem with Plex recording - thanks

IceTV EPG Content / Re: The Blob - movie not show
« on: June 10, 2020, 07:40:27 AM »
This appears to have been fixed same day I reported it - thanks

IceTV EPG Content / The Blob - movie not show
« on: June 09, 2020, 07:36:55 AM »
I noticed an apparent new show on the Sydney Guide Sun 14/6 12:10am "The Blob"
This looks like the movie (remake) rather than a TV show

IceTV EPG Content / Xena: Warrior Princess
« on: June 09, 2020, 07:34:41 AM »
I've been trying to work out why Plex keeps recording episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess that are already in my library.  I've done all the Plex things I can think of including deleting and recreating both the show in the library and the recording.
Best I can figure out is that it can't match the show at recording time because it is called "Xena - Warrior Princess" on the guide, vs "Xena : Warrior Princess" in the library.
Is there any chance you could change the naming of the show to use the : (colon) instead of - (hyphen).

IceTV EPG Content / Seinfeld episode numbering appears to be wrong
« on: May 22, 2020, 08:07:12 AM »
Twice in the last week, I have apparently been recording missing episodes of Seinfeld, but the episodes recorded have not matched your guide.  The upcoming episodes also appear to be different than other TV guides.
Sydney Channel 10 Peach using Plex
On 15/5 I recorded an episode labelled S06E03 The Pledge Drive, but what I got was S05E21 The Hamptons
On 19/5 I recorded an episode labelled S06E06 The Gymnast, but what I got was S06E02 The Big Salad
The next upcoming episode tonight (Fri 22/5) your XMLTV and online guides list S06E08 The Mom and Pop Store at 8pm, (and 10Play's own guide agrees with you) but lists this as "The Gymnast".  Time will tell if this is correct, but this would match up with the screened episodes being 4 episodes behind your guide, like the examples above, so it appears they know something that you and others don't!?

Thanks Tiphanee

IceTV EPG Content / Trial & Error is not the same as Trial and Error
« on: March 10, 2020, 09:01:39 AM »
This probably sounds tedious, but your naming of these episodes using "and" instead of "&" creates problems with PlexPVR, as these are actually seen as different shows.  I already have most (but not all) "Trial & Error" episodes in my library, but Plex keeps recording every aired episode of "Trial and Error".
I guess I could create a duplicate/dummy "Trial and Error" show in my library, with all the same episode numbers, and that would probably allow me to specify which episodes need to be recorded, but that seems messy. 

Is there any way that you can change the naming on your program?

Otherwise I guess I'll just have to keep recording duplicates until I get the missing episodes I'm after, and then delete it from my PVR


I'm frequently finding that IceTV is creating airdate based series and episode numbers, whenever an episode has 2 parts.  I  discussed this problem with Daniel way back in Jun 2019, and I think it was after this discussion that IceTV started doing this.  I have included an excerpt of that email discussion in italics below. 

On Jun 10 2019 at 11:47am Daniel wrote: I think there is definitely going to be an issue where the Australian broadcasters split an episode into two parts when it is not listed as two parts on TVDB, we might need to just hold off and not add the series and episode numbers for these and let it show up as the dates to ensure they both get recorded.

BUT, that discussion related to situations where a network would split the SAME episode over 2 different nights.
What I have been finding is that you also often do this whenr two consecutive episodes, with DISTINCT/different episode numbers in TVDB, have the same name, with parts 1 & 2 in the title.  For example, next Mon 16/3 in Sydney on ABC22, you have
The Office (US)
10/4/11óClassy Christmas - Part 1

But in TVDB, this "Part1" episode has a distinct episode number S07E11 and "Part2" is S07E12.

Because you don't use these episode numbers, my Plex PVR records all of these airdate based episodes, even when I already have those episodes in my library.

Is there any way that you can refine your systems to only use the airdate episode naming where the different parts DON'T have their own distinct episode numbers?


IceTV EPG Content / Re: Incorrect episode labelled
« on: November 25, 2019, 05:50:49 PM »
I noticed the same problem - I'm also using Plex.  Definitely the latest version of PMS. 
I looked into this just before Daniel replied, but thought I'd go ahead and report my findings anyway

Plex is showing all episodes of this show as "S0 E1" which is a bit weird.
The IceTV XMLTV file labels all episodes as <episode-num system="">series/371180</episode-num>
I'm not sure if Plex recognises those types of episodes.  And even if it did, they're all labelled the same.
Could IceTV maybe add a <episode-num system="SxxExx"> tag for these shows as well?

Failing that, I have a suggestion for DeFenn.
Episode 2 is screening again on 9Go at 7:30pm on Wed (at least in Sydney - I don't know where you are).
With the current episode numbering, this would again refuse to record.
But if you rename the existing episode from your Plex library, and Scan Library Files, then the new episode should record.  Do the same with the Wed episode, so that episode 3 can record next Sunday night.  Then rename them all correctly after that! 

Or you could just watch and delete them before the next episode screens - but you might be like me and record far more stuff that you have time to watch! :-)

Trial and Error has a few missing episode numbers this week.  As a result, back-to-back episodes are seen as the same episode by Plex and it will record only the first one.
Sydney TV on 7Flix 2:00pm - 3:00pm every day this week -and probably next week.
Mon - OK
Tue - Should be S01E04 and S01E05
Wed - OK
Thu - OK
Fri - Should be S01E10 and S01E11
presumably subsequent episodes will screen next week

IceTV EPG Content / Re: Mrs. Brown's Boys
« on: October 24, 2019, 08:30:45 PM »
I'm out of my depth here.  I did some research but it didn't help much and I don't imagine to know more about XMLTV than you guys do.  I don't know how to access the Plex XMLTV, but I had a quick look last night at the XMLTV file you make available to non-plex users, and I assume it's pretty similar.  You have the episodes identified with a number of different numbering systems...
  <episode-num system="SxxExx">E09</episode-num>
  <episode-num system="xmltv_ns">.8.</episode-num>
  <episode-num system="">series/219631</episode-num>
  <episode-num system="">episode/5081710</episode-num>
  <episode-num system="">series/tt1819022</episode-num>
I don't know which one(s) Plex looks at, and couldn't find any documentation on this, but I'm guessing it's probably the xmltv_ns system?  I assume you have more direct access to Plex staff than I do since you're noted by them as the EPG provider for Australia? 
Could you try changing this to...
  <episode-num system="SxxExx">S00E09</episode-num>
  <episode-num system="xmltv_ns">-1.8.</episode-num>
Or if they don't accept the -1, could you leave out the xmltv_ns line completely?

I don't really care that much about Mrs. Brown's Boys specifically.  Just thought it would be worth trying to find a solution to this, because otherwise there's no way to deal with "Specials" from any show.

IceTV EPG Content / Re: Mrs. Brown's Boys
« on: October 23, 2019, 07:31:00 AM »
This is actually a really interesting one, the XMLTV format for season and episode numbering if 0 based, so season 1 is listed as season 0 in the file.
I am not actually sure if it can have a -1 for the season or episode numbers to try and get this to work correctly.
I don't understand WHY xmltv would use 0 for season1, but xmltv format is a bit beyond my expertise!  Lots of shows have "specials" episodes, so I imagine this is a frequent problem and there must be some standard way of labelling them?  But I don't know if anyone other than Plex names these as S0? 

If you want to try putting -1 on one of next week's episodes (S0018 and S0019, which have already been screened recently) then I can let you know asap how plex recording handles this, and there'll still be plenty of time to fix it for other people if it doesn't work.

Here's another interesting point...  Before writing my original post, I had tried creating "artificial" episodes in my Plex database.  For instance, if Plex/IceTV labels an episode as the non-existent S01E07, then I create a .TS file with that name and scan it into the database.  But Plex still tries to record this episode again.  I really doubt that Plex could "know" that there is no S01E07 of the show.  So there must be some difference for Plex, between shows that you assign no season to, and shows that you actually label S1, even though Plex shows them both as S1 on the guide.  Does that make sense?  Can you do anything with that information?
If that's the case, then perhaps a work-around would be to create your own numbering system for specials, calling them for instance S99.  Then at least if that numbering system was consistent, then it wouldn't record episodes I already had.  But that would only be part of the solution - for this to work I would still need to COPY and rename, rather than move, these episodes into a specials folder so that Plex could identify them, and pull the metadata from TVDB. 

IceTV EPG Content / Re: Looney Tunes
« on: October 22, 2019, 12:55:07 PM »
thanks Tiphanee,
I'll keep an eye out for the new shows in the guide

IceTV EPG Content / Re: Tom and Jerry
« on: October 22, 2019, 12:53:09 PM »
Thanks Tiphanee,
The future episodes now appear to have the correct show name.  The poster hasn't changed, but that doesn't really matter.
I don't suppose there is anything more you can do with episode numbers for cartoon shows like these with multiple episodes screened together?
For instance, today's episode has no episode number in your guide, and the episodes 'Truffle Trouble / Cuckoo Clock / Plant Food' are S03E59, S03E61 and S03E62
On Thursday, you have it labelled as S03E21, whereas it actually contains S03E70, S03E60 and S03E57
I understand of course if this is either not possible or simply too much trouble!

IceTV EPG Content / Re: Mrs. Brown's Boys
« on: October 22, 2019, 12:40:31 PM »
Thanks Tiphanee,
Unfortunately, at least in Plex, these episodes all still appear wrongly.  I have refreshed my guide, and you will see from the screenshot attached, that the Special episodes you have labelled with an episode number but no season, now appear as either Season 1 (which they aren't) or as dates instead of episode number
I guess I was hoping that you could label them in such a way that Plex could record them as Season 00 or Specials.  Maybe that's not possible?

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