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Hi  Madeleine,

Thanks for the clarification.  I am wondering if this is a windows 7 bug. 
I can absolutely guarentee all EIT data was off and this has only happened on Southern Cross Ten.  There was another season finale about a month ago that popped up in the guide.  It didn't affect me because it was not a program I record normally but I remarked to my wife because I had never seen it before then it made an appearance on Talkin Bout My Generation and haven't seen it since.

Whats the go with the IceTv guide showing (finale) Or (serie) in the title.  There is a major problem when (finale) appears as the scheduled programs fail to record when set as a series.  Talkin Bout My Generation (finale) was a prime example.

Below is a current example:

"The Beast (serie)" as shown in the IcTv guide.

"The Beast (serie)_ABC2_2009_09_01_20_43_00" As recorded.

If (serie) is removed the show will fail to record alternativly if you add (finale) to a show set to record as a series then it fails as well

I checked the EIT guide on the other Media Center machines in my house and the EIT data just shows the title "The Beast" which discounts the theory EIT data is being shown.
I only run IceTv on the main Media Center machine all other machines use EIT.
Whats going on with the added () in the title?

I assume you applied the reg fixes for Vista.  If you have not done this yet and you are running SP1 there is no need to install the Hotfixes just the reg patches. 
The reg patches are "disable service discovery" and "disable opportunistic scanning" attached below.


I have installed remote on my fathers machine and he has a slightly different problem.  His seems to remotely schedule the programs allright but when you remotely cancel recordings they don't cancel out of VMC.  Whats going on here?  Maybe a bit more development needs to be done.  I Can't believe this service has been released to the subscribers.  I had fewer problems with the beta versions of pimp.

Windows Vista Media Center / Shows Appear As REC but revert to QUEUED
« on: June 30, 2007, 11:55:53 PM »
I have set a number of shows to record in the coming week using remote.  When I set them they showed up as Queued and then they changed to REC.  I have logged into Remote again and the status of some of the shows has reverted to Queued.  Is this a bug in the remote client software?  Is there any reason for this problem.  I can't check the logs at the moment because I am on holidays but has anyone else experienced this problem???

IceTV EPG Content / Re: Spotty Sydney Information
« on: May 28, 2007, 11:23:45 AM »
Hi, I just got a trial account to use with EyeTV on a Mac. I updated the guide information but it is very incomplete (for 7 days shows appear but there are lots of large gaps). Is this a problem with IceTV or something wrong on my end.

I recently passed my usage quote on my optus internet leaving me with very very slow internet. Since it took a long time to  update I was thinking perhaps my shaped internet had trouble getting all the information.

Could someone clarify the situation for me.

It would seem very odd that not all the program information could be gotten if some of it could.

EDIT: Sorry, I just realised I was on the HD channels so I checked the guide for the SD channels and they were full, I guess the HD channel guides only show the shows that are in HD. No problem I just noticed the option to manually apply a guide to a channel so applied the SD guide to the HD channels.

Also, after doing this and noticing how much better the EyeTV experience is with an actual guide made me realise Channel 9 should be trying to BUY you not sue you.

Same here in Newcastle.  I am a subscriber running VMC with the HD guide data only showing some shows with large program gaps and in between program gaps the guide is showing unknown.  The pimp guide online is the same.  When is this going to be fixed???


For what it's worth rather than rescanning try scrolling around for a while in the mini guide. It has been reported that this can have the effect of repairing the guide.

Not for me unfortunately. :(  But thanks for the tip Phil. :)  I hope a fix will be released soon. 

If you think you guys have got it bad try being here in Newcastle. I loose Prime Northern every afternoon forcing me to rescan the channels every day. >:(

Windows Vista Media Center / Re: (500) Internal Server Error
« on: March 28, 2007, 08:28:21 AM »
I have the same error if you read my post in this sticky .  Pimp seems to be communicating with the server still and only fails occasionally but if you use the test button it gives the 500 error all the time.

I keep getting a failure message in version (2.09.00). Communication failed with the supplied user information.  The remote returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.
Pimp only connects occasionally.  I have no trouble logging in on the pimp web site.

The only problem i am getting is a Recording of this show failed on the device: MCEPC on the pimp website even though the show isnt due to start for two hours.
EDIT:  Sorry one more.  Recordings start seven minutes before the show starts regardless of pre padding settings.

Windows Vista Media Center / Re: ICETV for Vista
« on: November 06, 2006, 07:58:55 PM »
Makes you wonder why there is an overide key.  Does the overide key kick in if the microsoft guide server can't be found?   ???

Windows Vista Media Center / Re: ICETV for Vista
« on: November 06, 2006, 10:27:44 AM »
 believe the only way to fix this issue is for the ice tv server to have a https address.  If you change the reg key to https://ictv** vista doesnt change the key back but of course you still cant get the guide because icetv guide isnt on a https address.

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