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Thanks Dave. I really appreciate your reply.

I have only ever had one Humax - the HDR 7500T, so not sure how 2 devices have ended up on my account.

I've gone through and set everything to the Humax HDR 7500T and as first runs only. When doing this, I did note that Dr Phil was set to "First Runs Only" but has definitely been recording repeats for the last few weeks. Hopefully it will now fix itself up.

Thanks again - I had no idea there were 2 devices on my account.

My Humax HDR 7500T keeps recording repeats of programs even though I've selected First Run Only. This then causes programs to clash and I miss out on shows.

It's even recording repeats of The Good Wife which I have completely removed.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a solution?

Thanks  :)

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