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Humax / Selected recordings not being sent
« on: December 31, 2016, 03:40:52 PM »
This morning I received an email from IceTV saying my Humax7510T had not been accepting IceTV selected programs for the last 5 days. (I wondered where they had all gone?)

I checked all settings on my IceTV account and also on the recorder. Everything seemed to be normal.

I changed my EPG on the Humax to Humax and set a program to record, which it did. I then reset my EPG to IceTV and set a program to record, which it DID NOT!

I did a factory reset on the Humax, then from IceTV I resent all selected programs again. The first such program should have started by now but it hasnít. All resent programs on IceTV are still shown as doughnuts.

I have a whole bunch of recordings set up starting tonight. What to do next?

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