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Beyonwiz / Broken/ Pixelated Images
« on: April 14, 2019, 06:15:11 PM »
About a week ago, the IceTV recordings on my Beyonwiz T4 starting becoming extremely broken up and jumpy.  It was completely unwatchable with two-thirds of the screen just a pixelated mess with loss of audio.

I found that if I turned off the machine it would work for awhile and then the pixelated break up would occur again 20 to 60 minutes later.  I suspected it might be the unit overheating and so I plugged in my old Topfield PVR which worked fine for a few days but now it is experiencing exactly the same problem.

I have changed both the aerial inputs and HDMI cable and ports between the TV and PVRs but that has not made any difference.  I have not had any problems with direct reception into the TV.

I have noticed that the names used for some channels and what is shown in the IceTV guide (Hobart TAS Region) are slightly different (eg. 7HD vs 7HD Hobart).

The issue is happening on mutliple channels and I am at a loss to what it might be.

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