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We could only reproduce the problem once - after changing a setting and resetting the app. Then after closing and reopening the app it was back to normal.

Please make sure that both the time-zone and region in your account are correct, here:

Can you please close and reopen the app and see if that fixes it. Or reset the app from it's settings menu, then close and reopen the app again.

Thanks Dave.  Seems to be fixed now....

I checked my account.  Both were set to "Brisbane" but I saved the settings anyway just in case that sparked something in the background.  I then went into the app and did the reset.  (I tried that just before my last post but it didn't seem to help then.)  After resetting the app I force-killed it and then reopened it.  The times are now correct.

I signed up using the quick process on the new Humax then downloaded and started using the app before I completed any other account details online.  Perhaps it was this process that caused this bug to surface?

All good now though.  :)

I'll post here rather than creating a new thread.  I realise this is an old post but I'm a new user having the same issue - although I'm in Brisbane, not regional Queensland.

Normal TV Guide.  "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" starts at 7:30pm.  (This is correct.)

But when you search for "Star Wars", it says 8:30pm:

Looking at "Upcoming Episodes" from "My Shows" has the same issue:

When you go into the details, the correct time is shown:

This is rather annoying!!

Humax / Re: Start record in during broadcast
« on: January 15, 2014, 09:30:04 PM »
New to this box and hoping it can do the follow.

Am I missing something, or a short falling of this box?

I am also new to the Humax and find this a short-falling.  Yes - we can use live pause/rewind to go back to the start, then hit the record to record it from there - but that's a tedious process.

If I want to record a show that's on now, it's usually because I have to go somewhere (right now) but I want to record it so I can watch it (from the start) later.

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