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Topfield / Hard Drive fail on Topfield TRF-2460 + Extended Warranty query
« on: January 06, 2014, 01:15:33 PM »
I have the Topfield TRF-2460. Progressively my hard drive has been slow to 'check' when switching on the device.

Sometimes it cannot be found (and I can't click on my recorded programs). But switching 'off & on' seemed to sort that out.

Now it can't find the hard drive and a new message appears 'Cannot Verify Files' and the device asks if I want to reformat the hard drive.

I cannot view existing recordings or make new recordings which makes the device useless as a PVR.

Is this my only option (to reformat). Doing so will delete all of my existing recordings and about 70% of the hard drive has recordings that I (and my family) want to watch.

Also, I am not confident that this will be more than a short term solution. I have no TAPS on the device.

I have sent an email to Ice Tv support last Thursday (no response as yet) and I tried to call both contact numbers 1300 654 803 (this number is disconntected) and 02 8424 7555 (this number seems dead).

I purchased the Toppy 23 months ago. I also purchased Extended Warrany (5 years). But this extended warranty was with United who have gone bust.

How does Ice Tv arrange extended warranty in this case?

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