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My partner in crime emailed tech support around the same time I started this thread -- they took a while to respond (so I'd recommend phoning instead) but here's some more information related to the original topic of this thread:


- The 'resend all recordings' does not need to be clicked on each time you make a change. It's meant to be used after you do a factory reset, or delete all your channels. Both those operations cause the recordings to be removed and need to be resent. That's what the resend does.

- Make sure that if you do click on 'resend all recordings' that you first delete all the upcoming recordings (reservations page) on your Topfield. If you don't delete those first, the Topfield will get confused with the resend and show you errors on our website.

- The 2460 talks to us like it's a 2400. Unfortunately we can't tell the difference. So when you see 'Topfield 2400' on our website, it is definitely your Topfield 2460 talking to us.

- The "Last EPG Fetch" should update hourly while your Topfield is on. This entry basically tells you the last time your Topfield talked to us. If the box is on, and doesn't talk to us, then that indicates usually a network problem, or there's some corruption on the box stopping it from working properly. In that case, probably the best thing to do is to get in contact with us again.

I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions or problems.


Thanks to David Peterson for this.  I hope the thread helps other newbies out there in the future, but I hope even more that the IceTV staff get around to working up some additional documentation as promised earlier in the thread.

I think you are missing something.   In standby mode, the unit is not capable of operating *anything* on the main motherboard.   The only thing powered up is the front panel, it has enough smarts in it to know the time, and to know the next time it should fire up the power line going to the main motherboard to get the motherboard software booted.

Nope, not missing anything there.  That's pretty much what I figured was going on -- hence my suggestion that this minimal functionality could be used to schedule daily synchs with the IceTV webserver even if the unit is not otherwise waking up for any reason.

You can help that along on a regular basis by creating a view timer, this is not a hack.... Not a hack in any way, just a smart thing to do.

On the 2460 at least, this process involves doing one thing (reserving a 90 minute block of tuner time) in order to achieve something totally unrelated (getting updates from the web server).  So it's a hack.  Call it a workaround, or a 'smart thing to do' if you like... but its still an inelegant solution to the problem, and like most hacks it has unintended side-effects: locking up one of the tuners and (on the 2460 at least) guzzling electricity for 630 minutes each week, every week of the year.

That's 'smart' in the same sense that Microsoft bugs are 'features'.

A way of using the front panel timer to wake up the recorder once or twice a day to update the IceTV EPG has been described to you. In detail, including the shortcomings.

Right, and it's a hack -- hence the shortcomings.

With the current state of the Topfield firmware, it would still need to run for more than 60 minutes to get the update even if there was a specific mechanism for timed IceTV updates.

Right, and that's because of another hack.

As for the kind of "active standby" you describe...

Whoa there!  I never mentioned "active standby", and I certainly don't want something like a TiVo guzzling power 24/7.  I was referring to the current capability of the 2460 -- the fact that it can already wake up from it's (hopefully low-power) standby mode for scheduled recordings.

My experience is that for PVRs that are in regular daily use, this is close to a non-issue, or at least wouldn't be improved significantly by using an update timer. I only have an update timer on the PVR that's not user on a near-daily basis.

Fair enough, you're happy with the functionality of your PVRs.  I'm not entirely happy with mine, but I guess I'll get over it -- especially in light of Daniel's comment about the difficulties of working with hardware vendors on a post hoc basis.  To be fair, following a call to tech support, both the 2460 and my IceTV subscription have been working in harmony for the last 24+ hours and I'm impressed by the overall functionality.  Here's hoping I won't have to come back into this forum begging for help again.

Topfield / Re: Topfield 2460 not receiving reservations
« on: February 08, 2011, 08:47:53 PM »

Although not directed by IceTV to do so, I also did a tidy up of all the Channel numbers to delete duplicates, guides and also matched the "Send to PVR as LCN" numbers to the stations, rather than selecting "ALL".

I spoke to tech support about missing reservations this afternoon and the guy explicitly mentioned that getting rid of duplicate channels was was a good idea.  Thanks to your post, I'd already done so.  When I pointed this out, the support guy made noises of approval and then forced a resend of all my reservations, and now everything seems to be working at last.

Topfield / Why won't the Topfield 2460 allow FFW/RWD of edited files?
« on: February 08, 2011, 08:41:21 PM »
Hi All,

Another question from a newbie with a brand new PVR...

I've just tried using the 'editing' functionality to delete an ad-break from a movie I'd like to keep.  Then I tried to FFW and RWD... at which point I got a message saying something like 'edited files cannot be FFW'.  The edit controls are pretty clunky (though I think the remote itself is a thing of beauty) so I'm wondering if I've missed something...?

Has the ad break really been 'deleted' or has it simply been flagged for skipping?

I can see how deleting a chunk of data from the middle of a file would screw up the decompression, so presumably you'd end up staring at blocky images for a second or three.

Anyone out there delved into this...?

I agree with markb.  Aside from the potential inconvenience of a locked tuner, powering the entire unit up for 90 minutes a day just to make sure IceTV is in synch is a waste of electricity.  Integrate over the average lifetime for a unit and multiply by the number of units sold, and the waste becomes significant.

If the hardware is active enough in standby mode to power up when the time comes to record something, I can see no reason why the firmware couldn't be modified to wake up automatically 12-24 hours (or the user decides the interval) after the last power down and then synch with the IceTV web server.  That way you could go overseas for a week or three and leave the PVR in standby, but still send it stuff to record via the web.

Even if the delay in doing the first fetch on the Topfields wasn't there, would you really want to have it starting from standby every 30 minutes to check the EPG and recordings? There's no way of knowing ahead of time whether an EPG or timer fetch will do anything useful.

I'd want it to do something sensible, like power up once every 12-24 hours just long enough to synch with the web server (which would only take a few seconds if the PVR wasn't burdened with the 'wait-30-minutes' hack).

BTW thanks for the tip about setting a daily viewing timer, but again this is a nasty hack at best -- assuming it's even possible with a 2460.  I'm gobsmacked that the Topfield doesn't check in regularly even in stand-by mode, likewise that the only way to force a synch is to power up and wait.  Clearly, any claims about being able to control your PVR from anywhere should come with small print: provided you leave it on 24/7 or resort to trickery.


What if your network is down? In particular - what if you PVR is left in standby? Now you and I know what happens but a newbie won't have a clue and will probably assume the ICE client still polls while in standby.

Yep, this newbie initially assumed it was smart enough to do this in standby mode.  It is, after all, smart enough to wake up when it needs to record something... isn't it!?

Thanks to prl for the link to the explanation.  To quote:

"Currently, (Dec 2009 FW), the 2400/7100HD+ PVRs take half an hour after turn on before contacting the IceTV server. This will hopefully be fixed as this long waiting period was instigated as a means of circumventing a bug which led to loss of IceTV connection."

FFS talk about a hack!  I'd probably think this was hillarious if it wasn't still being used in the 2460.  I get impatient just waiting for the thing to boot up, never mind waiting 30 minutes for updates to come through.

Anyway, it's now clear that my 2460 and my Airport extreme don't get along.  Is there, by any chance, a similarly detailed FAQ on wireless networking specifically for Topfields?

Yep, it's a real pain.  Any suggestions other than doing (another) factory reset and crossing my fingers...?

Topfield / How often should Topfield 2460 interact with the IceTV website?
« on: February 07, 2011, 06:38:52 PM »
Hi Everyone,

I've just wasted a day getting my shiny new 2460 setup and online via my airport base station.  This is my first PVR and I'm trying to get my head around how the whole system is supposed to work, so perhaps someone out there can enlighten me...?

I know from tech support that during the first 30 mins after switch on the 2460 will download the EPG and recording data from IceTV.  Then, during the next 30 mins it uploads confirmation (or not) data back to the IceTV site.  Hence, after about an hour, the PVR and the website should be in synch -- among other things, all the hollow 'queued recoring' icons in the My Week listing change into filled 'recording' ones... assuming the wireless network link hasn't gone down in the meantime.

The question is, what *should* happen next?  Should the 2460 keep talking to the IceTV webserver hour by hour, or do I have to force a synch by hitting the 'Resend All Recordings' button in the My Account section?

Also, does anyone out there have any tips for keeping the wireless link stable?  I have a Macbook and an Xbox that both use the basestation without any problems, but the 2460 has seemed reluctant to connect at least a couple of times after powering up.

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