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« on: December 20, 2020, 11:25:11 PM »
I now have two dead Skippas and I am hoping someone has a solution. Both have the same problem.
I turn them on and they go through the lengthy startup and get to Initialising PVR and that's as far as they get.
Obviously the display chip is working, but something prevents them from completing the initialisation.
Before they died they started restarting often.
I wonder whether removing the HD formating it in my PC would help? What type of format. I assume the operating System is contained in a separate partition.
Any ideas?
Failing a solution can someone recommend a replacement.
Is there anything out there with Add Skip?
I'd be looking for something with 1TB drive (or more) and more than two tuners.

SKIPPA / Re: Skippa not recording
« on: October 17, 2020, 12:33:19 PM »
I should have put up the result of the result of my last action.  The factory reset and reformat of the drive worked. I suspect the FAT table on the hard drive got corrupted.

SKIPPA / Re: Unable to select ABC/SBS from guide
« on: October 17, 2020, 12:20:00 PM »
I have had a similar issue in Brisbane where the scan picked up a bunch of Gold Coast channels which weren't really available. In my case the solution was simple. All the Gold Coast channels were in the High UHF area where there were no Brisbane channels, so I simply pulled the antenna lead out half way through the scan so that the Gold Coast channels were never found. Channel selections from the guide then worked.

My 2c worth (seeing as I started this aspect of the topic):
  • SD means smaller files on several near-capacity HDDs.
  • I only use HD for shows that are worth it, like nature/space docs, some sci-fi.
  • Playback of SD files seem to be smoother/quicker when it comes to ad jumping on multiple devices.
  • HD files seem more prone to issues (reboots) on my Skippa during recording.

This sums up my reasons perfectly.

As I said initially, I never really liked the way it used to work, but at least it allowed me to do what I wanted.
I always wanted the option to be a preference selection.

I'm sure some people have only SD TVs as well.

I subscribe to the school of "HD ain't as good as they claim".

Technically HD is better, but my old eyes have yet to spot the difference between HD and SD.
Admittedly the sound is significantly better (True Surround sound) if you have the right equipment.

Regardless, it is simply about catering for different peoples situations and preferences.

As I have said, the simplest solution is to put a preference selection in the "My Account" "Recorders" area.
By all means default it to Prefer HD, so the less technically minded people don't have to change it, but at least give us the option.
Ideally, have all the same "Options" as before, just in a place where you can "Set it and forget it".

This makes the whole issue go away. The process for setting up a recording remains simple as per your original intent, but provides an option for the users that want to get technical.

I guess the App would need to change as well.

If you are busy right now, I can live with the workarounds, but I definitely would like what I suggest put on a "To Do" list.

Its taken since the end of my Xmas hols to get around to having a look at the forum.
I too an unhappy with losing the Prefer SD option.
Further, it always bugged me to have to set it every time I wanted to make a recording.

The simplest way to make the one touch concept work would be to move the setting to the My Account area (Apple TV has something similar).
For those more tech minded we could go there and set it once (perhaps for each PVR set up).
For the one touch devotees, you just leave it set to the default.

It can't be that hard.

SKIPPA / Re: Recording Remnants on Skippa HDD
« on: October 08, 2017, 09:32:58 PM »
I'm no expert on HDDs, but your summation of the files make sense.

The Skippa does have a format function. 

Open My Week then step left and scroll down a couple of places you will find a screen showing the remaining file space.  There is a format option there.

I have a program on a disk someone gave me called Gparted (it's a free download from the web), that can be used to partition a disk in a number of different formats. I think its a Unix/Linix program so you have to boot it from the disk.

Can you delete the files?

When I attempt to set up an existing recording on a different device (i.e. to record the same program on two devices) the app opens the screen to update the device.
As a result, the recording simply moves the recording from one device to another.

SKIPPA / Re: Poor remote response
« on: October 04, 2017, 11:52:55 PM »
I also found my problem.  A combination of a loose network cable (i.e. Intermittent Network connection) and a ASDL Line fault (sometimes running as slow as 0.2 Gbps.  Both at the same time.

SKIPPA / Re: Poor remote response
« on: September 25, 2017, 06:31:21 AM »
Batteries are good. Its very like when there's no network, but the networks good. A restart goes through without getting hung up at the contact IceTV stage.

SKIPPA / Poor remote response
« on: September 23, 2017, 10:13:42 PM »
Lately my Skippa's remote response is not so good.
Its a bit like when there is no network. There will be no response at all for a few minutes and then it will work for about thirty seconds , then back to no response for a couple of minutes.

Timers are coming in fine so the network's ok.

Any thoughts?

IceTV EPG Content / Murdoch Mysteries
« on: July 29, 2017, 10:56:30 PM »
For the second week in a row Seven have put three episodes of Murdoch mysteries on Thursday evening, one of which is a repeat (the third episode shown). Unfortunately we are getting the first and third episodes recorded. I assume Ice TV is identifying the second episode as a repeat instead of the third.  Can this be fixed for the future?

SKIPPA / Red line on the progress bar
« on: June 29, 2017, 10:08:42 PM »
I am getting a thin red line with a filled in triangle at the bottom appearing on my progress bar when playing back a recording.  It looks like some sort of bookmark.  It doesn't seem to have any affect and causes no problems. 

I am just wondering what it is and if possible how to clear it

SKIPPA / Re: Skippa not connecting to Ethernet
« on: June 29, 2017, 09:54:10 PM »
Before you give up, try a factory reset then put in your settings again.  if that doesn't work try formatting the drive as well. Mine has come back from all sorts of weird behaviours after a format. 

In addition, the Skippa can be difficult to pry away from a wireless network setting, or a bad network setting.  It tells you everything is OK when it is failing to connect.  The only ways to confirm it is connecting is to ping the address from a computer on the same network.

SKIPPA / Re: All Timers gone from Skippa
« on: May 05, 2017, 08:41:08 PM »
Yes a reboot sorted it.

SKIPPA / All Timers gone from Skippa
« on: May 03, 2017, 08:33:03 PM »
All the timers in My week are missing on my Skippa.  The series are all there but the timers are missing.  The network connection seems OK (i.e. the remote works fine)

The fetches appear up to date as well

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