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Topfield / Re: Can't log into my IceBox2
« on: July 07, 2010, 12:28:22 PM »
I have resurrected my IceBox 2 with a Jaycar MP3480 5V 3A power  pack, cost $21.95. Plugged it in, and away she went !

Topfield / Re: Can't log into my IceBox2
« on: July 05, 2010, 09:16:58 PM »
I have a very similar problem with my IceBox2. A few months ago I changed my main modem/router, used the same IP address range as per the IceBox2 (i.e. 192.168.1.x) and everything was fine, with the IceBox2 itself having a fixed IP of My modem/router then started developing faults, and I got a replacement. Around that time, I could no longer connect to the IceBox2 - I don't know exactly, as I normally only connect about once a week. Basically, I just can't see it, wireless or wired. I have tried using IP addresses & as per the setup guide, I've also tried connecting vian the WAN port to see if DHCP would assign a new IP. I've tried two different modem/routers, nothing. I've tried resetting the modem, but no lights flash or anything like that. In fact, when I power the IceBox2 on, the WAN & four LAN lights come on immediately, and never blink or flash while booting up, nor do they change if I plug/unplug network cables to/from the back.

Is my IceBox2 stuffed?

Thanks, Paul.

You can often see the Icebox2 if you connect the cable from your router to the WAN port on the Icebox2- the WAN port is permanent DHCP so it should pick up an IP address irrespective of whether it is set to a static IP.

Topfield / Changed main router - Can't connect to ICEBOX2
« on: March 14, 2010, 12:09:57 PM »
I recently upgraded my homeADSL modem/router, which has a different default IP address range of 10.1.1.x. Obviously I can't then connect to the ICEBOX2 default address range of 192.168.1.x now, therefore I connected my laptop directly to the ICEBOX2 via CAT-5 cable as per the IceTV setup guide. I changed the IP address of my laptop to as per instructions, but still can't connect to the ICEBOX2 at However, I'm still getting a network connection on the laptop; the ICEBOX is obviously connecting wirelessly with my main router (I kept the same wireless settings as per the old router).

Last time I changed my router (about 12 months ago), I recall this same problem, and ended up changing the new Router to suit the ICEBOX defaults. Am I going to have to do this again ?

Cheers, Paul.

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