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Sweet. Thanks. It's working now. But only after I uninstalled and reinstalled it. Although there's a chance that it might have worked without reinstalling. Not sure.


Yesterday I bought full IceTV membership (thanks to the Xmas deal!).

I've downloaded and installed the IceTV for my android phone (HTC desire HD). All looks good - until such time as I come to record a tv program, when I get told "Unfortunately, it appears as though you do not have full membership. Full membership of IceTV gives you the ability to record shows directly from your phone- anywhere, anytime. Please see the 'about' section on this app. They you'll never miss that show again".

Hmmm, a little more testing and it seems that some tv programs will allow me to record them, but mostly not.

Looks like a bug to me.

Hi All,

It *appears* (i.e. this is my most educated guess so far) that IceTV Interactive isn't working for me when logged into my HTPC as the standard (default) user. It *does* work when I'm logged in as the admin user. But "isn't working" I mean that I can set a tv program to record user my mobile phone, but this information, whilst it shows as selected to record if I login to the icetv website, isn't getting through to my Vista Ultimate HTPC at all.

fyi: I have UAC (user access control) disabled.

Looking at the event log in the IceTV Interactive dialog box is see repeat warning and error messages:

Type: Warning
Message: Version check Exception
Description: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object......... (it goes on and on)

Type: Error
Message: Error in 'updateServer'
Description: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Assuming my guess is correct, i.e. that a standard user account is the problem, it would be a pity if the solution is that I *have* to be logged in via an admin account for icetv interactive to work. By default my HTPC boots right up from a restart into Vista Media Center using the standard user account. This is so that my kids can't muck with things!

Any ideas anyone?

Thanks in anticipation.

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