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EyeTV / Re: I failed IceTV setup: Where are the programs?
« on: April 09, 2009, 06:54:55 PM »
well i have been using icetv elgato since v 2.2 and this problem still exists . I am now on version of 3.1 eyetv. eyetv icetv works well when everything is good but takes only a little thing wrong or an accident and it won't work properly again.
everything was working ok, i bought a new computer shifted eyetv over to it, using the same external hard drive i had with the previous computer, but now I am back with this problem again. Or worse. Icetv won't download at all.

You think they might have got this subscription, programming, scheduling thing together by now, can't be that hard? or is it?

the master cleanser script did help but now the link to it is broken .

I possibly could have solved this issue by simply switch from dvb to icetv in the EPG column of the channels setup window.
now if i could only have some support with other issues .

EyeTV / Re: Remote Scheduling Broken ?
« on: July 08, 2008, 06:26:54 PM »
I think that this message is a error message that comes up because there is no better error message for eyetv to use. I think there is a posting somewhere on the forum or i have received a message from support at some point to ignore this . Lets remember that eyetv is being run by external software when being used by icetv . Eyetv becomes a point which icetv type of programs take over the scheduling for in various different locations . So eyetv has be adapted to their needs and may not give exactly the error messages that external program would necessary require.

I have realized i can edit the channel chosen for recording by using the edit schedule for the scheduled recording in the Schedules pane . but i have to do this for each "broken" recording. And this doesn't answer why icetv is instructing eyetv to record the wrong channel .

thanks for your replby but ah yes but as i understand it you don't have any control over what frequency you scan except for an exhaustive scan which uncovers even more duplicates than the standard scan i use. (and doesn't find any new stations i don't already receive ).
I guess i could ask the abc which is the preferred choice but in reality both transmitters come up with v good signal . I have tried turning one off and then turning the other off to see what happens with the abc unavailable problem but nothing happens immediately . maybe i should be waiting for them to update but this is frustrating.
I have just done a complete delete of eyetv prefs it looks like this is what i will have to do again . that sorts it out if for an unknown duration before it reoccurs . 
What i possibly need to know which is the default frequency icetv chooses for me and turn the other frequency off and then i guess wait for icetv to update eyetv.
does anyone know what is the default broadcast frequency icetv uses for abc1 in Cairns 4870 ?
but then i have the same problem from time to time with sbs which also broadcasts from mulitple transmitters .
this really is a problem for tech support but so far i have had better result by posting here in forum for tech issues . I also feels making the "issue" public places a little pressure on icetv to fix it or just publicly announce that there is an issue.

please tell my why ,no don't bother, just tell me how to fix this. I have mulitple abc1 transmitters available eyetv/icetv mis doesn't seem to be able to deal with this.
So if I have mulitple abc1 transmitters available and they all seem of good quality I can either using the eyetv channel pane , choose one and disable others, OR have duplicates of the same station availabe to eyetv . I have tried disabling one then another of the duplicates or leaving both on.
When using icetv in conjunction with this I get the (unavailable) message when clearly it is available. Furthermore when I schedule a program using icetv remote and it DOES NOT appear in the eyetv guide (but may? appear in the schedule as "abc1 unavailable" )and if i then schedule it manually using the eyetv program guide quite often a warning pops up saying there is a duplicate or clash and telling me the program is already scheduled despite the fact that i can't see it as such in the program guide . What i think is happening here is icetv is setting up a schedule for me in eyetv program guide but it is invisible .
However if I just leave it i.e don't try to manually record a program when it is not appearing in the eyetv program guide (despite the fact that it has been scheduled in icetv as a series or individual recording) , it may or may not be recorded by the invisible schedule set by icetv .
this gets to the root of the problem with icetv and eyetv interact which IMO makes the icetv thing very buggy. you are in a situation where you don't know what to do  you can either , try to manually fix use eyetv in which case you get duplicate recordings (which mean you can't record another program using diversity in affect making useless the dual recording capability which is well worth having) OR hope that icetv scheduling will work (which in this situation it sometimes doesn't ) , all the time risking missing shows that you probably don't want to miss .

I have been battling this problem for months and it really drives me nuts . sometimes the delete prefs script will fix but it creeps back in for no apparent reason or you can be in the situation i am in now where i just used the script and the way thing works sucks more or less within a week .

btw i just did a full delete prefs using the eyetv script supplied in link elsewhere , that was less than a week ago .

I really think icetv would do well to ditch development of support for iphone and widget and just get their basic interaction with eyetv working flawlessly . Afterall isn't that what the service is about guaranteed scheduling and recording of programs via eyetv interface . If that isn't working rock solid what is the point of the thing .

btw I am posting here because i have found email support to icetv be totally erratic.

EyeTV / Re: Remote Scheduling Broken ?
« on: July 01, 2008, 04:55:43 PM »
at last someone posting with similar problem to my own . see my other posts .
the good news ,there is a fix for this which is contained in a link at that post . it is a script to delete all the eyetv preferences . then restart  there will be a lag before eyetv downloads the program updates and the scheduled recordings but not too long maybe 6-12 hours . there doesn't seem to be any way to force this . It is frustrating because you apply the fix and can't see whether it is fixed straight away.
the bad news , for some reason the problems come back again . this has been my experience . i couldn't tell you why . but don't blame me everything else runs perfectly on the computer i use with eyetv , it only gets used for watching dvd's , eyetv , eyetunes . a just superseded imac with lots of ram running latest version of leopard eyetv 2.
I actually came back to the forum to find the script and run it again . eyetv is missing scheduled eyetv recordings  just started again . I have series set to record . your luck may vary .
I could hazard a guess and say that their server is overburdened but I actually wouldn't ahve a clue what the cause of their problems is .
the baddest news based on my experience email support is not worth the effort . I did get a good result by calling them early on , i just remembered that now but i don't think you can reliably expect them to be sitting their waiting . . probably should have tried this (phoning in) again . but i was not happy being a $100 subscription . After i whinged here for a while about failure of response to emails  i got a some support I suspect someone from icetv does browse and post .
I really don't know why icetv doesn't go to a staff monitored forum based support completely . people help each 90% worked out quicker than company based support and cost them nothing . I could be nasty and say that there software is too buggy and they don't want it known as such but then again they are doing an good job with the number of devices they support . I am sure theyr'e job aint that easy so better not push them too hard .  :)

heres that link

EyeTV / Re: Diversity remote control
« on: June 02, 2008, 08:18:32 PM »
what computer are you using the remote with ? if it supports and apple remote these though not as featured are infinitely more intuitive . and support all basic functions within eyetv .
not much use if your computer doesn't have facilities for or come with an apple remote .

EyeTV / Re: abc 1 only shows one day ahead in the eyetv guide
« on: June 02, 2008, 08:15:55 PM »
ok the schedules which eyetv gave a generic name have now disappeared , seems to me they were where eyetv had instructions to make a recording via download from icetv  at a given time but didn't yet have a name to give the recording because it hadn't yet received "the guide" from icetv.
thanks to the full delete of preferences I now appear to be up an running again with no problems. Its been less than 24 hrs but eyetv appears to be receiving full guide on all channels  and also downloading and updating scheduled recording setup via icetv web interface.

thanks for your assistance and patience with this matter .

My only other comment on this is that I prefer the forum based troubleshooting format to the email support alternative. Reason being you can search for similar or identical problems to your own without bothering anybody . Also I would suggest that possibly this saves support staff a lot of work.
thanks D

EyeTV / Re: abc 1 only shows one day ahead in the eyetv guide
« on: June 01, 2008, 05:45:08 PM »
now eyetv has run with icetv a little while . I have the confusing set up where i have scheduled programs with "ABC1 (unavailable)" in the Where column of the eytev schedules pane .
But ABC1 is available . I can receive from it . Eyetv is seeing it . why does the schedule tell me it is "unavailable", and direcetly underneath it the same show is set to record appears to be properly set to record with the "where" column shown as 2 ABC1 .

EyeTV / Re: abc 1 only shows one day ahead in the eyetv guide
« on: June 01, 2008, 05:06:40 PM »
ok i have turned the firewall off and restarted .

Eyetv hasn't been able to download any icetv tv program guides as of yet . I am not concerned by this as I have seen it take a while to pick them up after a fresh start in the past .
However after I ask it too look it eyetv asks me to run the setup assistant again .

horray it just picked them up again . looks like running the master pref reset did the trick .

thanks for your assistance with this .

If you could let me Know what the problem is when I get the scheduled recording  given the title IceTv program instead of the real name for the recording it would probably be of help .
thanks again David

EyeTV / Re: abc 1 only shows one day ahead in the eyetv guide
« on: June 01, 2008, 04:52:07 PM »
well actually i have had eyetv running without the firewall upto today probably because I had turned it off and forgotten to turn it back on again . I just noticed this again and turned it on this morning .
but I will turn it off again and see it makes any difference.
Leaving the firewall off is definitely not my default setting except through mistake or negligence .

EyeTV / Re: abc 1 only shows one day ahead in the eyetv guide
« on: June 01, 2008, 04:49:27 PM »
ok I am back to the problem i have had intermittently with icetv and the reason I stopped using IceTv to program recordings but only to update the tv guide . (and programed recording myself from this in EyeTv) .
I have run the master reset and let eyetv pickup the channels again . They all apear to have been seen by the tuner . All the channels that were there before have been seen again .
However any program set to record via eyetv now instead of having their title have "IceTv program" as their title with in italics"ABC1 (unvailable)" in the where column .

EyeTV / Re: abc 1 only shows one day ahead in the eyetv guide
« on: June 01, 2008, 04:24:07 PM »
oh and btw when i ask eyetv to check for programmes it seems to check only partially then stop prematurely .
thanks for your help with this .

EyeTV / Re: abc 1 only shows one day ahead in the eyetv guide
« on: June 01, 2008, 04:22:47 PM »
thanks I just tried deleting all my preferences and restarting .
when i restarted eyetv couldn't see my movie folder , had to retune the channels so presume i got rid of some prefs .
I will try the master cleanser .
I have a the mac os x 5.3 firewall running. when i start the computer it asks to give permission to some eyetv helper applications. I have eyetv application itself set to as allowed to make network or internet communications .

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