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DVB Web Scheduler / Interactive recording features / feeds
« on: April 14, 2012, 09:28:52 PM »
I realise that TV Scheduler Pro users are on the fringes of IceTV, with only support offered for the EPG XML feed (which works a treat). I'm comfortable having a crack at extending the functionality to include recording, but I need the data....

I have looked at the RSS feed feature that gives a feed of the upcoming recordings, and thought great, I can write a bit of glue that pulls the feed, and then passes it onto WebScheduler.  Then I looked at the format of it and realised it wasn't going to work, as it doesn't have any of the necessary data split out in a useful way (ie date / time / channel / duration). Instead of appearing as separate, parseable attributes, they are all concatenated in a single string... 

Is there a way to pull the XML guide through, but with my recordings marked in it? At the moment, they don't show up.

This guy got it going (somehow):

Before I ask over there, I thought I'd check here to see where I can source the required data from....

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